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Campus & Workplace Culture Survey Initial Findings Released

Dashboard of results ready to be explored as next step in campus conversation

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Written by Matthew Hastings on April 13, 2022
What You Need To Know

The data and results from the Campus & Workplace Culture Survey can be explored in new dashboard tool. 

Last fall, the CU Anschutz Medical Campus community took part in the Campus & Workplace Culture (CWC) Survey. The survey was led by the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement and the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, a part of a broader effort underway on all CU campuses.

Thanks to strong participation by the campus community, critical information on areas including belonging, wellness, harassment, workplace incivilities and discrimination is available for analysis.  

Privacy a top priority for CWC Survey

Participant privacy remains a central component of the CWC Survey, which will continue with future efforts and conversations going forward. Data is aggregated into groups of 10 or more responses in order to maintain the anonymity of survey participants. Data for any demographic group or combination of group characteristics with fewer than 10 individuals are therefore not reported in the dashboard.

On April 8, an innovative survey dashboard was made available to the campus community. Since then, the survey team has continued to add detail to the tool.

This dashboard provides the opportunity to explore survey data and response rates, both at the campus level and by unit or department where available.

Explore the CWC survey results dashboard here. 

“We are heartened by the great response to this survey effort, and we are using the insights gained to inform action plans for the future,” said Chancellor Elliman. “The process does not end here.”

“It is our sincere hope that this data opens up a path to have productive conversations about our campus, so that all feel welcome, supported and respected,” said Regina Richards, PhD, MSW, vice chancellor of diversity, equity, inclusion and community engagement. “We are looking forward to the feedback of our campus community – your thoughts, questions and reactions – to drive further analysis of this data.” 

For additional information or questions regarding the survey and dashboard, please visit cuanschutz.edu/cwcsurvey or reach out to the survey team at cwcsurvey@cuanschutz.edu.