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University of Colorado to Host Biennial Social Justice Summit

Topics to focus on building a just and inclusive campus system and world

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Written by Kiley Carroll on January 10, 2023
What You Need To Know

The University of Colorado is hosting a Social Justice Summit this month.

The 2023 University of Colorado Social Justice Summit is coming on Jan. 31, and will center on strengthening a diverse democracy and creating a more just and inclusive campus system and world.

CU Boulder will host the virtual, daylong summit, with the overarching theme “Operationalizing Liberation for a Diverse Democracy.”

Students, faculty and staff from across the University of Colorado, as well as alumni and community members, are encouraged to take part in the event. A series of community meetups will take place the day before the summit, and all are welcome to attend. Visit the summit webpage for registration and more information.

Summit presenters will lead conversations on a wide range of topics focusing on self-care and liberation; building community through collective action; and creating change for a diverse democracy by transforming policies and institutions.

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Topics: Community,