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CU College of Nursing

2019 Staff & Faculty Awards for CU College of Nursing

Quantum Leaps and Rising Stars: CU Nursing celebrates stellar employees

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Written by Debra Melani on June 10, 2019

The University of Colorado College of Nursing honored 38 of its own faculty and staff for their years of service on May 20, including one professor who reached a major milestone: the half-century mark.

Professor Marilyn Krajicek, EdD, celebrated 50 years with the university this year, a notable feat for one of CU Nursing’s noted experts. Krajicek directs the National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care & Early Education and is nationally known for her work in the area.

“Marilyn embodies everything CU Nursing stands for through her work in truly shaping the future of health care,” Dean Elias Provencio-Vasquez. “Using evidence-based research, she has led the creation of national guidelines that protect the health and safety of our youngest patients,” Provencio-Vasquez said.

During the Recognition Event luncheon, CU Nursing also said goodbye to eight faculty and staff members and presented three staff awards.

Professor Diane Skiba, PhD, retiring, 30 years

Skiba reached a milestone of her own before announcing her retirement, serving CU Nursing for 30 of her 44 years in the profession.

“Diane has consistently advocated and promoted the need to educate nurses in the field of nursing informatics,” said Professor Amy Barton, PhD. “She continually worked to build the nursing informatics community within the U.S. and internationally.”

Skiba, who was identified as a pioneer by the Nursing Informatics History Project, has served as a director and associate dean for informatics during her tenure with the College, Barton said. “She not only designed but has led the Health Care Informatics program since its inception in 1997, currently serving as specialty director.”

With a 40-page vitae and 10 single-spaced pages listing her publications, Skiba’s accomplishments are vast, Barton said. “It is an honor to present a pioneer, a distinguished leader, a creative innovator, a mentor and my friend.”

Cindy Walker, retiring, 27 years

“For the past 27 years, Cindy has boarded a bus every day at 5:30 a.m. to ensure she got to work on time,” said Jodi Cropper, academics program director. “I have never met someone as loyal, dedicated and reliable as Cindy,” she said.

Cropper recalled a time when Walker, academic support assistant, was hospitalized with pneumonia. “She called me and immediately was concerned about the Colorado Board of Nursing Report and how we would submit it on time,” Cropper said.

“We could not have had a successful accreditation without Cindy. Her knowledge of the College and her understanding of the Undergraduate Program is invaluable. She has been such a treasure to have as part of the CU Nursing community.”

Other 2019 retirees include:

Barbara Creswell, Teresa Dargevics, Nancy Lowe, Pam Jones, Mindy Reynolds and Professor Joyce Verran, PhD.

Staff Awards:

Quantum Leap Award – Glenda Robertson, instructional design manager
“Glenda demonstrates exceptional College of Nursing innovations as well as improvement in processes by demonstration of technical expertise and a keen ability to work with faculty,” said Associate Professor Sharon Sables-Baus, PhD. “Overall, over the course of last year, Glenda collaborated with faculty on 69 course and curriculum projects – she is definitely an agent for change,” Sables-Baus said.

Staff of the Year Award – Jennifer Smith, health care program manager
“Jennifer consistently thinks at a systems level, understanding the intersection and delicate balance required in maintaining positive relationships with the UCH Medical Staff Office, CU Medicine Credentialing and Sheridan Health Services,” Barton said. “The rationale for her actions is always solid and in the best interest of the College.”

Rising Star Staff Award – Claudia Amura, research project coordinator
“Claudia’s assistance is in high demand,” said Professor Ginny Pepper, PhD. “Some of her activities have been managing research on projects in obese Latino children; coordinating data about asthma pediatric patients in emergency departments; and collaborating in manuscript preparation and grant-writing activities of the chronic disease symptom management.” Amura also provided both logistical and scientific support to the students who presented at the Western Institute of Nursing Research and Information Exchange, Pepper said.


Years of Service Awards    
Five Years:
Teresa Connolly
Emily Gamm
Marcia Gilbert
Peggy Jenkins
Lisa Krug Avery
Julia Martin
Theresa Nino
Mustafa Ozkaynak
Megan Peek
Alison Pilsner
Blaine Reeder
Chantel Schoneboom
Amy Sturrock
John Welton
10 years:
Dana Brandorff
Rodney Huddleston
Jackie Jones
Suzanne Lareau
Allison Moravec-Rice
Amy Nacht
Mary Weber
15 years:
Amy Artmann
Terry Dargevics
Gayle Tanaka

25 Years:
Priscilla Nodine

30 years:
Tammy Spencer

50 Years:
Marilyn Krajicek

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