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CU College of Nursing Dean Provencio-Vasquez Appointed to NIH National Advisory Council on Nursing Research

AURORA, Colo. (July 29, 2020) – The University of Colorado College of Nursing Dean Elias Provencio-Vasquez was recently appointed to a four-year term to the National Advisory Council on Nursing Research, a federal advisory council to the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Provencio-Vasquez is one of 15 members on the Council to advise, assist, and consult with the Secretary of Health and Human Services. The Council is comprised of leading representatives from health and scientific communities including professional nurses who are recognized as experts in the area of clinical practice, education and research, as well as experts in public health, behavioral health, public policy, law, health policy, and economics.

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Grand Rounds – COVID-19 Hot Topics

CU Nursing’s July Grand Rounds presentation was a joint effort between Drs. Figaro Loresto and Scott Harpin and highlighted different ways the two harnessed their backgrounds and skills to make a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic. In March, Loresto and Harpin asked themselves what they could do to help in the pandemic – one from a research perspective and the other from a “bedside” and public health perspective. Their unique skill sets have helped and continue to help fight the epidemic in myriad ways.

Author Dana Brandorff | Publish Date July 20, 2020
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Dr. Kerry Peterson Appointed as CU Nursing’s Psychiatric Mental Health Endowed Professor

Kerry Peterson (PhD, DNP, MSN, BSN) was appointed to CU Nursing’s Psychiatric Mental Health Endowed Professorship. Previously held by Dr. Mary Weber, the appointment was reviewed by a group of faculty who made the recommendation and approved by Dean Provencio-Vasquez.

Author Dana Brandorff | Publish Date July 02, 2020
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White Coats for Black Lives – A Movement, Not a Moment

Since George Floyd’s killing at the hands of police on May 25, and the senseless deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor and others, the country has been struggling with how to support the Black community while demanding change. One thing is clear – something seems different than all the other protests and events that have preceded it. The protests are larger, more vocal, more frequent, diverse, and persistent.

Author Dana Brandorff | Publish Date June 25, 2020
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System to Improve Student Experience, Progression and Tracking Allowed for Rapid Response During Pandemic

Many academic institutions – especially those in the healthcare field – were caught off guard during the coronavirus pandemic. The challenge for the University of Colorado College of Nursing wasn’t just a matter of social distancing and moving classes to remote learning. It was ensuring our students also obtained the clinical hours required by the State Board of Nursing to graduate.

Author Dana Brandorff | Publish Date June 22, 2020
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Largest Study of its Kind of Women in Labor Finds Nitrous Oxide Safe

AURORA, Colo. (May 29, 2020) – Researchers at the University of Colorado College of Nursing and the School of Medicine Department of Anesthesiology at the Anschutz Medical Campus found that the use of nitrous oxide (N2O) as a pain relief option for individuals in labor is safe for newborn children and laboring individual, and converting to a different form of pain relief such as an epidural or opioid is influenced by a woman’s prior birth history and other factors.

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Study Finds Provider Capacity to Expand Abortion – Implications for Access During COVID-19

AURORA, Colo. (April 22, 2020) – Researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus have found that interest in abortion care among advance practice clinicians (APCs) in Colorado is substantial, though barriers must be addressed in order to increase access with APCs (nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, physician’s assistants).

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CU College of Nursing News Round Up

Our College of Nursing Faculty has been helping local news departments with information regarding the Covid-19 virus. From graduation requirements to cloth masks to federal funding of our nurse-led clinics -- here’s a wrap up of recent news coverage.

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