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Nursing News and Stories

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Deborah Mandeville


First class in CU’s new doctorate program for health systems and leadership graduates

Three doctors, three different treatment plans. X-rays. MRIs. Referrals to new doctors and new examinations. Despite months of medical appointments, it will still be at least six more weeks until Alexis Koutlas knows the extent of her 83-year-old mom’s arthritis in her neck and how to treat it. And that, Alexis says, is not O.K.

Author Deborah Mandeville | Publish Date December 11, 2020
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When facing loss and heartache, nurse finds support from family, friends

While COVID-19 has hit many of us hard, Nurse Jeanne Burnkrant who works with people at the end of their lives, lost eight patients in April alone. She grieved. She missed them. But Jeanne never once questioned what she does or why she does it.

Author Deborah Mandeville | Publish Date December 08, 2020
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CU graduate goes full circle to discover his life purpose

Sometimes you have to find your own way. When Michael Morgan graduated high school, he knew he didn’t want to follow in his parents’ footsteps. His mom is a dental hygienist, and his dad has spent 30 years in a cardiac catheterization lab.

Author Deborah Mandeville | Publish Date December 04, 2020
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