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Celebrating our Fall 2023 CU Nursing Graduates

Congratulations Fall 2023 CU Nursing Graduates!

We celebrate with you!

Graduation is a major achievement, and it’s something all our graduates (and alumni) should be proud of. You’ve spent countless hours in class, studying, working on assignments, and attending clinicals. You’ve had to balance school, life, and work during your time at the University of Colorado College of Nursing.

We know our graduates will go on to do great things — and we hope to see some of you in the future if you decide to pursue a higher degree at the college. Your dedication to nursing will serve you in the years to come and help treat patients in need in Colorado, across the U.S., and around the world.

The college is highlighting only a fraction of our graduates — and hearing in their own words how CU Nursing has shaped their education and career, and why they are passionate about nursing. Our graduates, current students, and alumni have their own unique stories that put them on the path to nursing. If you would like to see yourself highlighted (or know of someone we should highlight) in future CU Nursing stories, contact con.marketing@ucdenver.edu.

Fall graduation is Saturday, December 16th at the Colorado Convention Center. We hope to see you there as we celebrate your accomplishments and earning a degree from CU Nursing.

Student Stories

Read about some of our amazing graduates — from Sam Wellman who overcame alcoholism and put himself on a path to nursing, to Lenae Aragon, who wants to help people struggling with their mental health. Learn more about James Damioli and his service dog Jackson who has become the unofficial mascot of this UCAN cohort. Damioli who has seizures due to an epilepsy diagnosis relies on Jackson to keep him safe. Discover how Marcy Polk is making history this December as one of the first Doctor of Nursing Practice grads in the inaugural Veteran and Military Health Care program.

Take time to read these inspiring stories about our graduates’ journeys into nursing and their plans for the future.

A Passion for Midwifery A Back-to-School Surprise Making a Difference
Supporting Our Community’s Most Vulnerable Dedicating a Life to Helping Veterans You Before Me
Sister’s Death Puts Student on Path to Nursing “He’s Saved My Life at Least Once” Pursuing Her Dreams
Embracing a Caregiver Role    

CU College of Nursing Fall Commencement

This special edition publication intermingles personal stories with the names of our undergraduates and graduate students, their honors, thesis titles, and accomplishments.

CU Nursing Fall Commencement 2023

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You Are a CU Nurse!

We applaud your accomplishments and wish you the best in your future career as a CU Nurse. Stay in touch with CU Nursing by following us online, signing up for our newsletter, and being active as an alumni. Congratulations again from the Faculty and Staff at the College of Nursing.

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Social Commencement Assets

The Office of Communications has created various assets to help our schools, departments, and programs celebrate the Fall 2023 Commencement on social media. When posting Commencement messages on social media, please use one or more of the following official campus-wide hashtags: #CUNursing, #IAmACUNurse, #CUAnschutzGrad, #CUAnschutzGrad23, #CUAnschutz23.

Celebrate Your Grad!

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