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Congratulations 2022 CU Nursing Grads!

Congratulations Spring 2022 CU Nursing Graduates!

We celebrate with you!

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Unexpected and unforgettable are two words that describe the past two years. 2021 and 2022 will be remembered as unique. We know it’s been challenging, and you and your classmates have stepped up during these extraordinary times.

Your courage, patience, and ability to roll with ever-changing rules and attitudes will serve you well in the years to come.

Let’s take a moment to shine a spotlight on you and share stories about some of your fellow classmates. If you’d like to see yourself highlighted in future CU Nursing news vehicles, contact con.marketing@ucdenver.edu.

Graduation information for Friday, May 27th.

Student Stories

From foster child to doctor of philosophy, Dawn Taylor is about to earn the highest academic degree despite the lowest possible start in life, to Jessi Ridinger who spun records for five years as the number one DJ at a classic rock radio station, to Celine Lumowa who as a little girl dreamt of becoming a scrub nurse. These stories and more highlight some of our spring 2022 graduates. Take a moment to be inspired.

CU College of Nursing Spring Commencement

CU College of Nursing Commencement program. This special edition publication intermingles personal stories with the names of our undergraduates and graduate students, their honors, thesis titles and accomplishments.


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CU College of Nursing Spring Commencement Program


You Are a CU Nurse!

We applaud your accomplishments and wish you the best in your future career as a CU Nurse. Stay in touch with CU Nursing by following us online, signing up for our newsletter and being active as an alumni. Congratulations again from the Faculty and Staff at the College of Nursing.

Also download our "I Am A CU Nurse" poster, print, take a photo and tag us!

Social Commencement Assets

The Office of Communications has created various assets to help our schools, departments and programs celebrate the Spring 2022 Commencement on social media. When posting Commencement messages on social media, please use one or more of the following official campus-wide hashtags: #CUNursing, #IAmACUNurse, #CUAnschutzGrad, #CUAnschutzGrad22, #CUAnschutz22.

Celebrate Your Grad!

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