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CU College of Nursing Student Marvin Mendez

Get to Know Marvin Mendez

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Honors student, rollerblader, snowboarder, and soon-to-be nurse, Marvin Mendez recently presented research at the Western Institute of Nursing (WIN) Conference.

A former Undergraduate Pre Health (UPP) student, Mendez originally graduated from CU Denver with degrees in Biology and Psychology, and a minor in Chemistry. “Upon graduating, I was unsure as to what I wanted to pursue in health care, but I saw the nurse lifestyle and determined that’s where I wanted to be. I love the holistic experience in nursing where you get to look at the entire patient.”

He credits the UPP pipeline program for giving him exposure to a variety of health care fields and allowing him to explore what’s right for him. During UPP, students have opportunities to immerse themselves in the subject matter, do research with real-world applications, and engage in early clinical experiences.

“When I graduated from CU Denver, I took out a piece of paper and wrote down a list of pros and cons and nursing came out on top! There’s so much room to move up and grow.” According to Mendez, a big part of his growth during nursing school occurred while he was an Advanced Care Partner (ACP) on the burn unit, as well as during a work-study position with AHEC where he presented obesity lectures, and taught high school students about organs and vital signs in the cadaver lab. Excited for what the future holds, Mendez is ready to live life and begin his journey as a nurse.

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