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The New Normal for a Few CU Students

The New Normal for our CU Students

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We asked our current student workers at CU Nursing how they are handling the new normal. See how a few of our students are making their new normal work for them.

heidenfelder_iris-033120Iris Heidenfelder

As for how I'm coping as a student during these times, I would say that I'm still figuring that out! Online learning is completely different from what we're used to so I've had to make quite a few adjustments in my academic habits.

I have been doing my best to try and stay on as much of a normal schedule as possible by doing things like waking up/going to bed at consistent times, eating on a regular schedule, working out at the same times, etc.

This makes things feel a little more normal and helps me stay alert for my morning class. I've also realized this is a time where my support system has been essential to my success. I'm so grateful for my strong connections with my classmates.

We've all really been there for each other and have continued to text and call each other pretty much daily. It makes such a huge difference knowing that I have a network of people supporting me and going through the same transitions/emotions as I am.

Lastly, I think this is a great learning experience for all aspiring healthcare professionals. Viewing it from that lens totally shifts the perspective from stressful and frustrating to one of gratitude and admiration.

battelli_chris-033120Chris Battelli

To cope through all of this, I have tried to stay busy at home, working on projects, reading, and getting to things I have been putting off for years.

I've worked to stay positive and happy by offering kindness and support to others. Smiling at others when I go for my daily run at the park. Thanking grocery store and restaurant workers who are still going to work each day.

I've volunteered at the metro cares food bank which was a beautiful and humanizing experience. Zoom and WhatsApp have been invaluable with staying in touch with my friends and family.

Also, I'm currently putting together a Google spreadsheet to send out to my friends and family to help people to share resources and help each other with tasks they need doing. I'm happy to share that with you all when it is complete.

nguyen_phuongquynh-033120Quynh Nguyen

I've been adding home workouts to my routine for the past weeks and it made me feel better.

I also try to not read the news every day to reduce unnecessary anxiety, cook more healthy meals, and keep in touch with my family and friends that I don't get to talk to very often.

It was hard to navigate in the beginning but I think staying at home also has its perks, so while I hope this will be over soon, the current situation is still doable.

Students! We think you’re awesome. You are diving into remote classes and handling it like only nurses can. We want to hear how your week is going, and show our CU Nursing community what your world looks like. Share an Instagram story or Facebook post about your home study space, your animal “coworkers”, or something you are doing to relax in this time of social distancing (surely you're not the only one walking the trails for lunch). Tag us in your story @cucollegeofnursing (Instagram and Facebook), and we’ll share as many as we can.


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