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CU Student Leo Tyler

Student DAISY Awardee: Leo Tyler

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Written by Katelyn Nolan on December 23, 2020

Leo Tyler is a University of Colorado Accelerated Nursing (UCAN) student graduating December 2020 and was recently awarded the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Students. Originally from Salt Lake City, Leo moved to Colorado with his husband five years ago. Before switching to a career in nursing, Leo received a bachelor’s in psychology and an MBA from the University of Utah. Previously, he was a Policy Manager at eBay for about 18 years. His team managed site policies for buyers and sellers across about 20 different countries. “It was a great company and cool job, but I didn’t feel passionate about it and wanted to help people more directly,” Leo says. After graduation, Leo is looking to go into critical care and is in the process of interviewing with ICUs. “As a CNA in the STICU, I loved the patient experience of getting someone’s trust and helping them through a life-changing situation.”

This fall, CU College of Nursing Alumni Association Board of Directors solicited nominations for the DAISY Awards. Leo Tyler was nominated by Brenna Hatami and Meg Mullen for the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Students with these kind words:

“Leo goes above and beyond to support his fellow students. He is a natural leader in many ways. Within our clinical group, Leo has always been the one to organize study groups, to take notes, to show leadership in group projects, and providing reminders about due dates. He also spoke up in class and zoom sessions and when he talks, people listen.

Leo gives thoughtful gifts, often handmade, that show his love. Leo is just as thoughtful in his listening; he will bring up little details long after a conversation that leave you surprised. He is a beautiful and authentic person who opens his heart to all, sharing his feelings, and also giving a shoulder to cry on.

Leo brings integrity to his assignments and clinical experiences, always arriving well prepared and eager to do his best. He is active in the Future Voices student group and came up with the idea for UCAN students to donate their books and scrubs to incoming students in need, but never took credit for the idea.

Before becoming a CNA and entering the program at CU Nursing, Leo left his MBA and the business world to pursue his passion to become a nurse. He loves the intensity and also provides calm to patients and families. He is passionate about helping people: his patients, his friends, his coworkers. At the STICU, where Leo formerly worked as a CNA, everyone was so glad to hear how he was doing and wanted to pass on how much they missed him.

Leo is one who is always thinking of others, always scheming about how to make things better, and always dedicating his own time and energy toward improving the world around him. He is thoughtful, non-judgmental, and careful with his words. He has high moral standards but never looks down on others. Honoring him with the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Students is a wonderful way to return the love and appreciation Leo has spread throughout the UCAN class, faculty, and nurses he has worked with.”

Congratulations Leo!


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