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BrightFocus Foundation

BrightFocus Foundation Recognizes Innovators in Vision Research

news outletBrightFocus Foundation
Publish DateMay 09, 2024

Miguel Flores Bellver, PhD, assistant professor of ophthalmology at the CU School of Medicine, has been granted the Dr. Joe G. Hollyfield New Investigator Award for Macular Degeneration Research from the BrightFocus Foundation. The award is presented annually to the top-rated New Investigator Grant recipient for exceptionally promising and forward-thinking ideas in age-related macular degeneration.

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CU Anschutz News

Fulfilling a Dream: Ophthalmology Researcher Works to Restore People’s Vision

news outletCU Anschutz News
Publish DateMay 06, 2024

The latest episode of the Health Science Radio podcast explores the devoted passion of Department of Ophthalmology researcher Valeria Canto-Soler, PhD,  and her team to fulfill her long-held dream.

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Counsel and Heal

Here's How Stress Affects the Eyes

news outletCounsel and Heal
Publish DateApril 25, 2024

According to Darren Gregory, a professor of ophthalmology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, stress triggers elevated levels of inflammation in the body, which can worsen dry eye symptoms.

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Renowned Denver producer and photographer had to miss son’s wedding due to West Nile virus. His advice: protect yourself from mosquitos.

news outletUCHealth
Publish DateApril 16, 2024

According to Naresh Mandava, MD,  chair of the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, the West Nile virus is a neurotrophic virus which means it primarily affects the nervous system. For patients like Sonny Hutchison with immunosuppressed systems, it can lead to temporary or — in rare instances — permanent vision problems.

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