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Stacey Simon, PhD and Janet Snell-Bergeon, PhD, MPH

Simon, Snell-Bergeon First Authors on Adolescent Sleep Study

Stacey L. Simon, PhD, associate professor of pediatrics, [Section of Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine] and Janet Snell-Bergeon, PhD, MPH, professor of pediatrics, [Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes] are shared first authors of an original article published April 8 by Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism that examines associations between sleep and cardiometabolic health in adolescents and adults with type 1 diabetes (T1D). “Sleep may be an important and novel target for improving cardiometabolic health in individuals with T1D,” the authors write. Nine colleagues from our campus are co-authors, including Kristen Nadeau, MD, MS, professor [and vice chair for clinical and translational research] of pediatrics, and Irene E. Schauer, MD, PhD, clinical professor of medicine, who are shared senior authors.