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Pharmacy News and Stories

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Lori Westermann

Research    Faculty    Cancer

New Research Could Help Reduce Chemotherapy Side-effects

Tom Anchordoquy, PhD, hates cancer. And, for most of his professional life as a professor and researcher with the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, he’s been focused on new ways to deliver drugs to tumors. His latest research, however, is taking a different approach.

Author Lori Westermann | Publish Date July 13, 2023
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Pharmacy Honor Society Wins National Award

The CU Pharmacy chapter of the national Rho Chi Pharmacy Honor Society had much to celebrate at their recent annual induction ceremony. In addition to commemorating the 75th anniversary of their Alpha Theta chapter, they were also celebrating the fact that they beat out 131 other chapters to receive the national Rho Chi Chapter Achievement Award. The Chapter Achievement Award recognizes the full scope of chapter activities as documented in the Annual Chapter Report and reflective in a comprehensive video.

Author Lori Westermann | Publish Date May 13, 2023
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Every Day is Earth Day for Pharmacy Advocates

The first Earth Day, celebrated on April 21, 1970, was the start of the modern-day environmental movement. Since that time, citizens around the globe have developed a heightened awareness of how human progress is impacting the health of the globe and therefore the health of the humans who inhabit the pale blue orb.

Author Lori Westermann | Publish Date April 18, 2023
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Pharmacy Scholarship Recipients Coordinate Opioid Awareness Event

The Elliman Conference room in the Strauss Health Sciences building was filled close to capacity. Students and faculty from across the CU Anschutz Campus, healthcare professionals, along with students from Regis University, came together for one purpose: to learn how to administer naloxone to reverse a potentially fatal opioid overdose. They walked away with that, and much more.

Author Lori Westermann | Publish Date April 10, 2023
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Education    Students    Pharmacy

Infectious Disease Escape Room Tests Pharmacy Students' Knowledge

At first glance, the Education South classroom at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus looked like any other health sciences education space. But the countdown clock prominently displayed on the screen, along with the playful tension in the room, indicated something a little different was going on.

Author Lori Westermann | Publish Date March 14, 2023
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Research    Faculty    Students

Pharmacy Roundtable Demystifies Research Pathways

It felt like a virtual who’s who of pharmacy rockstars at the recent Research Roundtable hosted by the Honors Program at CU Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SSPPS). From a second-year PharmD student who described her current foray into the research field, to a seasoned faculty researcher who once rounded with Dr. Fauci at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the passion for research, at all stages, was on full display.

Author Lori Westermann | Publish Date February 11, 2023
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Research    Students

Student Researchers Examine Infectious Disease Theory

Listening to Dr. Meghan Jeffres and her students explain their infectious disease work brings to mind the 80’s arcade game Space Invaders, in which an intergalactic battle plays out between defending forces and evil alien elements. The researchers describe an inner world, specifically the large and small intestines, in which tricky bacteria use enzymatic mechanisms to destroy the antibiotic sent to destroy it. Welcome to the front line of the infectious disease battleground.

Author Lori Westermann | Publish Date May 17, 2021
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Research    Faculty    Students    Pharmacy    Pharmaceutical Sciences

Persistence Pays Off

According to Kristofer Fritz, PhD, associate professor in the School of Pharmacy’s Pharmaceutical Sciences Department, bench-side research requires a lot of trial and error. Also, according to Dr. Fritz, it takes a certain kind of fortitude and dedication for a PharmD student to undertake an intensive lab-based research project due to the already-demanding academic rigors of a pharmacy degree.

Author Lori Westermann | Publish Date May 14, 2021
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Alumni    Diversity    Pharmacy

Alum Puts a Fresh Spin on Patient Education

Pharmacists are known for being medication experts who take their role of patient education seriously. 2012 PharmD alum James Delk has created a way to make that serious message, well, fresh.

Author Lori Westermann | Publish Date February 10, 2021
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COVID-19    Students    Vaccinations    Pharmacy

Pharmacy Students Step Up to Stamp Out COVID-19

The Experiential Office at the CU Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is a model for hands-on pharmacy programs across the nation. Known for providing clinical opportunities starting in the first year of pharmacy school, the program is used to activating students to respond to community needs. In a normal year, those requests are generally along the lines of providing wellness checks or administering flu vaccines, but this year the stakes are higher and the request much more urgent.

Author Lori Westermann | Publish Date January 20, 2021
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Community    COVID-19    Faculty

Pharmacists on the Front Lines: As Vaccines Arrive, Pharmacists Play Critical Role

Professor Ty Kiser, PharmD, recalls getting the push notification from UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital that announced he was on the list to receive one of the first COVID-19 vaccines in the state of Colorado.

“I was pretty excited. I took the first appointment I could get . . . It was like Christmas came early,” Kiser said.

Author Lori Westermann | Publish Date January 11, 2021
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School of Pharmacy In the News


What you need to know before a ‘tolerance break’ from marijuana use

news outletCNN
Publish DateNovember 21, 2023

"T-breaks are temporary periods of abstinence, and the goal is primarily to reduce tolerance so that you can have a smaller amount of cannabis to achieve the same effect," explains Robert Page, PharmD. "However, again, there’s not that much data with regard to this (type of break). This is something that is emerging, because the question is, does it reduce poor outcome (such as heart attack and stroke)? And does it lead to hazardous use?"

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NBC News

Risks of marijuana and THC on the heart: What you need to know

news outletNBC News
Publish DateNovember 18, 2023

Evidence suggests cannabis may be linked to certain heart problems. Are the risks from smoking marijuana, or is it the THC in weed that could be harmful? “I’m very worried,” said Robert Page, PharmD, “It’s looking like cannabis may be a risk factor for developing cardiovascular disease.”

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Everyday Health

Can you use medicine and prescriptions past the expiration date?

news outletEveryday Health
Publish DateNovember 02, 2023

When you have a headache and only have an expired bottle of ibuprofen at home, is it worth going out to replace it? Peter J. Rice, PharmD, BCPS, explains.

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Toxicant released from sugarcane ash may be causing mysterious kidney disease in agricultural workers

news outletNewsMedical
Publish DateNovember 02, 2023

The burning of sugarcane and rice husks may be releasing a toxicant causing a mysterious kidney disease in agricultural workers, according to a paper by Jared Brown, PhD, and alumnus Keegan Rogers, PhD.

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