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CU Healthcare Alumni Happy with their Education, Jobs

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Written by cupharmacy on July 15, 2016

Our students are happy with their education, according to the first-ever system-wide survey sent to alumni.

commencement300According to the survey, about 96 percent of alumni from all four campuses indicated they were either very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their education, with undergraduate degree holders receiving a median income of $68,000.

Six percent response rate

The survey, conducted by Keating research from April through May, was sent out to 268,500 alumni and completed by 15,225 people. Of those surveys completed, nearly two-thirds earned a bachelor’s degree, 20 percent earned a master’s degree and the remainder earned doctorates, law degrees or medical degrees.

Additionally, more than 50 percent of survey takers reported that their job was strongly related to their area of study and 34 percent said it was somewhat related, with the highest correlation in healthcare where 71 percent reported their education was strongly related to their job.

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