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Record number turn out for CU Pre-Health Day

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Written by Stephanie Carlson on October 2, 2017

Four hundred and forty two Colorado high school students, undergraduate students and pre-health advisors, attended the third annual CU Pre-Health Day on the Anschutz Campus, Sept. 23.  With just over 200 students attending the first event in 2015, it shows tremendous growth for the event.

CU Pre-Health Day was developed to provide students and advisors with information that can help ensure success in a health-related admissions process, "I am pretty sure that I want to go to med school and I think this is helping me decide what steps I need to take now and things I need to get involved in now to prepare a good application," explained Gabrielle Hyde, a freshman at the University of Denver.

Attendees started the day with a panel discussion with admission representatives from the different schools and health professions on the Anschutz Campus, including the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. After the morning discussion students and advisors went on to several sessions that covered specific health professions, "Pharmacy is my track that I want to go in and I came here to learn more information about the program, possibly meet admissions people, and just see where I am as an applicant," said Paige Johnson, a senior at Colorado State University (CSU).

Students hope by attending the event it will help set them apart in a pile of applications, helping "put a face to the name," said Zane Khttak, a senior from CSU, interested in dental school, "You can always go online and look up prerequisites or what it takes to get into dental school or professional school, but it's a lot more valuable of an experience I think, to be able to come to campus and get that experience.  It's more hands on, a good interaction with people," Khttak went on to say.

"It gives us a chance to ask questions. Instead of just being one of a thousand emails or leaving messages, you actually have the opportunity to talk to someone. A lot easier to get your questions answered that way," Johnson added.

Next year's event is planned for Saturday, September 22, 2018. Click here for more on CU Pre-Health Day.

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