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New Pharmacy Pipeline Program with CU Denver is Designed for a Guided Student Journey

7-year program provides fast-track to a Doctor of Pharmacy

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Written by SOP Communications on January 19, 2023

The Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (CU Pharmacy) at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is thrilled to announce a pharmacy pipeline program with the University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver). The partnership program allows students to enter CU Denver as an undergraduate and seamlessly transition to CU Pharmacy to earn their Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD).  

“With an ever-increasing diversity of our patient population, there is an evolving need for more Pharmacists that represent the broad demographics of our state and country,” said Brian Hemstreet, PharmD, Associate Dean for Student Affairs. “The CU Denver Pipeline program represents an amazing opportunity to make the pathway more streamlined for students from all walks of life who wish to pursue their training at the Skaggs of School of Pharmacy in order to become the next generation of pharmacists.”

This unique opportunity is designed for full-time, freshman college students at CU Denver who are interested in expanding the diversity of health care professionals in Colorado and to better serve the health care needs of the State of Colorado as a pharmacist. The program offers an individualized education experience, where students have close contact with advisors at both campuses and have access to resources at both campus locations.

Chandler Follett, PharmD, Pharmacy Outreach Specialist and Clinical Instructor at CU Pharmacy, is spearheading the pipeline program from the Anschutz campus. 

“The goal is to foster relationships with undergraduate students pursuing pharmacy as a career and support them throughout their journey to CU Pharmacy,” Dr. Follett explained. “The students in this program will work closely with our faculty and staff and participate in pharmacy advising, presentations, pharmacist shadowing and other support activities to prepare them for pharmacy school and their career.”

The pipeline program is designed to be a three plus four program, consisting of three years of pre-requisite coursework at CU Denver (Phase I), plus four years of pharmacy coursework at CU Pharmacy (Phase II), leading to both a Bachelor’s of Science in Medical Sciences and a Doctorate in Pharmacy. Phase I of the pipeline program is designed for students who have interest in and/or intent to apply to CU Pharmacy’s PharmD program. Acceptance in Phase I of the pipeline program results in formal assistance to meet the requirements necessary for eligibility into CU Pharmacy’s PharmD program.

The pipeline program is currently recruiting freshman students enrolled at the CU Denver downtown campus. More information about the pipeline program and specific eligibility requirements can be found here.

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