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PhD Graduates Have Questions – and Answers

Research is critical to healthcare, from improving treatments to finding causes, and CU Pharmacy’s PhD graduates are up for the challenge.

Author Jordan Kellerman | Publish Date May 21, 2023
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Students    Pharmacy Perspectives    Graduation

Master’s Graduate Running on Her Own Path

Maria Trivino doesn’t stop moving. She runs. She swims. She works full-time. And for the last two years she’s been working on her master’s degree in Cannabis Science and Medicine at CU Pharmacy.

Author Jordan Kellerman | Publish Date May 20, 2023
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A PharmD, For Personal Merit, and Professional Innovation

Determination doesn’t sleep, and neither does Lisa Chang, BS, MBA, and soon to be Doctor of Pharmacy from the North American-Trained PharmD program (NTPD).

Unlike traditional PharmD programs, where training is in-person, the NTPD program at CU Pharmacy is built for individuals already licensed to practice pharmacy but who want the added benefits of a doctoral degree.

Author Jordan Kellerman | Publish Date May 17, 2023
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Students    Pharmacy Perspectives    Graduation

The Class of 2023 Took the Road Less Traveled, and Sometimes, Paved Their Own

When the Class of 2023 started at Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, it was the fall of 2019. COVID-19 did not even exist. Online learning was not totally mainstream. Eager to get started, the class came to CU Pharmacy ready to pave their own path.

Author Jordan Kellerman | Publish Date May 15, 2023
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School of Pharmacy In the News


Medical Cannabis for Chronic Pain Tied to Arrhythmia Risk

news outletMedscape
Publish DateFebruary 13, 2024

Adults using medical cannabis for chronic pain, especially those with cancer or cardiometabolic disease, have a slightly elevated risk of developing arrhythmia, according to an editorial by Robert Page, PharmD

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Colorado company developing potential prescription psilocybin product

news outletKDVR
Publish DateJanuary 17, 2024

Dr. David Kroll, PhD, says right now psilocybin is listed as a schedule one drug with no medical benefit and a high potential for abuse. “So, it is a risky proposition for these companies," he said, "but the clinical trials that have come out to date have been so promising that these companies have been able to acquire investors."

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The Denver Post

Littleton company developing psilocybin microdosing drug in hopes of FDA approval

news outletThe Denver Post
Publish DateJanuary 09, 2024

Though they hope to gain FDA approval soon, it may take some time. Dr. David Kroll, PhD, said the company will have additional hurdles to clear with the agency. 

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Neurology Today

Neurology Drugs Are Getting Better—and More Expensive—With More Prior Authorization Hassles

news outletNeurology Today
Publish DateJanuary 04, 2024

“The payers are trying to squeeze wherever they can,” said Dr. Kavita Nair, PhD, FAAN, a neurology professor and pharmacy outcomes researcher at the University of Colorado and vice chair of the American Academy of Neurology's Coding and Payment Policy Subcommittee.

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