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Patient Care    COVID-19    Health equity   

COVID’s impact on caring for patients with disabilities

For so many of us, life slowed down with COVID-19. The limitation of not gathering in person extracted most of our social commitments and daily rhythms. However, for Dr. Megan Morris, things have only sped up in the last two years.

Author Laura Veith - ACCORDS Writer | Publish Date November 10, 2021
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Research    Patient Care    Breast Cancer    Women's Health

When should women get screened for breast cancer?

We like to think that we make logical decisions, especially in situations when all the relevant information is not just available...but given to us. However, social psychologist Dr. Laura Scherer knows that this is not the case. She knows that in certain circumstances, we do not make logical, rational decisions based on data, and she wants to know why.

Author Laura Veith - ACCORDS Writer | Publish Date October 12, 2021
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Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Treatment Spurs CU Anschutz-Led Collaboration on Patient Decision-Making

How well-informed are patients? Before they make a major medical decision, do they know the impacts of that decision? How can healthcare providers improve a patient’s understanding of their condition, treatment options, and the benefits and risks of the medical decision before them?

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Validating Vaccines

The percentage of parents who refuse all vaccines for their children is small, roughly about 3%. There is, however, an increasing number of parents who refuse or want to defer individual vaccines or use an immunization schedule for their child that is not recommended. That’s according to Children’s Hospital Colorado’s primary care pediatrician and health services researcher Allison Kempe, MD, MPH, and pediatric infectious disease specialist Sean O’Leary, MD, MPH, who’ve been working on vaccine research related to hesitancy for over two decades.

Together with Children’s Colorado, the Anschutz Medical Campus, and a myriad of local, regional and national organizations, Drs. Kempe and O’Leary are using their research to educate parents and inform providers on how best to address a debate that, at least according to nearly everyone in the medical community, really shouldn’t exist — but does.

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ACCORDS In the News

Yahoo News

Moderna seeks FDA authorization of Covid vaccine for kids under 6

news outletYahoo News
Publish DateApril 28, 2022

A vaccine will be an important tool for this age group because vaccination has been shown "to provide more protection than natural infection," said ACCORDS Dr. Sean O’Leary, vice-chair of the Committee on Infectious Diseases for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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Healthy Kids: Growing vaping concerns spark continued legislation efforts in Colorado

news outletKRDO
Publish DateApril 27, 2022

"Anytime you are inhaling chemicals into your lungs and the nicotine the chemicals involved in the vape smoke itself you can get inflammation, have changes in the way the lungs or heart function and some of that can be rapid changes, says Dr. Heather De Keyser. "We've seen kids come into the hospital with severe lung disease immediately, but we've also had some concerns that this may lead to long-term changes."

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CU Anschutz News

CU Anschutz Researchers Team Up to Bolster the Health of Americans With Disabilities

news outletCU Anschutz News
Publish DateApril 25, 2022

This mandate for joint responsibility in care is upheld by Section 1557 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which requires that hospitals have staff responsible for making accommodations for patients with disability. ACCORDS Megan Morris, PhD, MPH, CCC-SLP, associate professor in the Division of General Internal Medicine in CU’s Department of Medicine, has spent the greater part of three years facilitating a working group for these staff.

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COVID-19 Risks for Kids Under 5 Right Now: What Parents Should Know

news outletTIME
Publish DateApril 25, 2022

According to Dr. Sean O’Leary, vice-chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics committee on infectious disease, babies under 6 months tend to be at higher risk for respiratory illnesses, and children with preexisting conditions, such as chronic lung disease, may be more vulnerable than healthy children.

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