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2019 Olink Proteomics Pilot Award

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Written by Cancer Center on May 14, 2019

Genomics and Microarray Core
Call for Proposals | 2019 Olink Proteomics Pilot Award

Revlevant Dates:
Application Deadline                     5-24-2019
Award Announcement                  6-07-2019
Sample Submission Deadline      8-30-2019

The Genomics and Microarray Core Laboratory at UCD-AMC in collaborating with Olink Proteomics are offering a unique opportunity for UCD-AMC faculty members who need support for innovative pilot research projects.  The proposed projects should utilize the cutting edge precision proteomics technology offered by Olink (https://www.olink.com) to test the feasibility of novel avenues of research that will support future extramural grant applications.  

These awards provide funds to carry out Olink proteomics assays and their bioinformatic analysis. The program aims to support 6 investigators from the AMC. The submission process is straight forward and applications will be reviewed within 2 weeks of the submission deadline.

The goal of this program is to support AMC investigators as they seek funding to obtain pilot data for larger grant applications, and to promote the utilization of cutting-edge precision proteomics technology for basic science, translational, and clinical studies.   


  1. Applicants must have full-time faculty appointments at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and hold the rank of Assistant, Associate or Full Professor, Research Assistant Professor or Instructor. Adjunct and Clinical faculty are eligible but must be partnered with a PI with regular faculty rank.
  2. In order to support new ideas, applicants may not hold any awards directly related to the proposed research.
  3. URM investigators are strongly encouraged to apply.


  1. Candidates must state explicitly how the pilot data will be used for grant applications.
  2. Candidates must show basic bioinformatic support or knowledge to analyze data. 
  3. Successful applicants will contribute a presentation or a poster on research accomplishments at a future Olink technology seminar on campus hosted by Genomics and Microarray Core; provide a progress report 30 days after the end of funding year. 
  4. The award provides support for 44 samples on one panel assay in a case/control model. If more than this amount is required for the proposed experiment(s), the investigator will bear the additional costs.  Please specify the panel you would like to use.  
  5. Samples must be available for submission by 08/30/2019 or a backup submission will be selected.

Selection Criteria:

Awards will be based on novelty, significance, feasibility, environment, commitment and the overall likelihood that the project will lead to substantial grants.  Applicant should briefly address these criteria in the application.

Review Process:

The selection process will be performed by the genomics core within 2 weeks of the submission deadline.

Application Format:

The application should adhere to the following format:

Page 1: Cover page, include project title, the applicant’s full name, title, and contact information.

Page 2: A summary of the research project addressing specific aims, novelty, significance, overall impact, and research plan with a description of how the pilot data will strengthen the potential grant application (12-pt font, single spaced, 1 page max) should be provided.

Page 3: Please include NIH biosketch for the PI or PI’s

Deadline for Submission of Applications:

The submission deadline is 05/24/2019. Award announcement date is 06/07/2019.  All samples must be submitted to the core for processing by 08/30/2019.

Application Process:

E-mail the application as a PDF or Word document to katrina.diener@ucdenver.edu with “Olink Proteomics Pilot Award” in subject line.

Questions about this award may be addressed to monica.ransom@ucdenver.edu or bifeng.gao@ucdenver.edu.

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