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CU Cancer Center Celebrates National Cancer Survivors Day

Life after cancer is something worth celebrating!

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Written by Cancer Center on June 1, 2021

National Cancer Survivors Day, June 6, 2021, is a day to recognize cancer survivors, bring attention to the ongoing challenges cancer survivors face, and celebrate life. 

Click on the stories below to learn more about some of the survivor stories from CU Cancer Center patients from the past year. 

Hank B hubspot


From Debilitating Chemo to One Pill a Day for Lung Cancer


Participating in a clinical trial at the CU Cancer Center saved Hank Baskett’s life after he was diagnosed with lung cancer more than 10 years ago.


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Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Won’t Slow World Champion Triathlete Down


Double clinical trials at the CU Cancer Center helps athlete Siri Lindley go into remission with a plan for a cure after being diagnosed with cancer of the blood and bone marrow.


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Tonya Quinn Breast Cancer Patient Story


Breast Cancer Patient’s Advice: Take It One Treatment at a Time


Tonya Quinn talks about the “perfect timing” of her stage III breast cancer diagnosis and praises the care she received at CU Cancer Center and UCHealth.


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CU Cancer Center Technology Gives Kids a Welcome Distraction During Radiation Treatment


Two young patients share their experience with Radflix, a new technology that allows kids to watch movies or TV shows while they get radiation treatment.

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Ashton Villars Prostate Cancer Patient and Donor


An Engineer Tackles the Problem of Prostate Cancer as a Patient and Financial Donor


Former engineer Ashton Villars has tackled every challenge head on, including prostate cancer. Now, he’s bringing that same spirit to cancer research.

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Bucky Dilts Prostate Cancer


Former Broncos Punter Wants Men to Share Their Experience With Prostate Cancer


At age 55, former Broncos punter, Bucky Dilts was diagnosed with prostate cancer and now advocates for prevention and early detection.

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Artist Shelley Kerr’s Sculptures Explore the Battle, Journey, and Gratitude of Five Years With Stage IV Cancer


After Shelley's tumors started to grow again her doctor referred her to Vice Chancellor for Research on the Anschutz Medical Campus, Thomas Flaig, MD.


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Tom patient


The Importance of Getting Your Cancer Screening and Treatment During a Pandemic


Tom shares his experience that “cancer doesn’t take a break,” even during the COVID-19 crisis, and tells others they should not either when it comes to cancer screenings and treatment. 


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Friends Face Off Cancer; Find Strength in Each Other


CU Cancer Center patients, Pat Krummrei and Mary Hartmann, overcome grim diagnoses through friendship and expert medical care.

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360_camidge_banner copy-1


Podcast: ‘You Have to Personalize the Miracles’


Heather Smith and Melissa Turner are happy they found the CU Cancer Center and the expert care of Dr. Ross Camidge. They love his practice – and his jokes.

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