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Cancer    Adavosertib

Adavosertib speeds cancer cells into the wall of mitotic catastrophe

A cancer cell is like a racecar, speeding through the process of cellular replication. But it has to stop at the G2M cell cycle checkpoint, where a race inspector called Wee1 checks it over for damage – cells with intact DNA can continue, while cells with damaged DNA have to stick around for repairs. The wait is worth it – there are curves ahead, and beyond the G2M checkpoint, cells with damaged DNA explode against the wall of “mitotic catastrophe.” But the thing is, we want cancer cells to explode; we would rather they speed through the G2M checkpoint without a Wee1 inspection and hit the wall of mitotic catastrophe.

Author Cancer Center | Publish Date April 01, 2019
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Cancer Health

Innovative Technology Shows Great Promise Against Certain Mouth and Throat Cancers

news outletCancer Health
Publish DateMarch 20, 2023

An innovative cell squeezing technology showed great promise in a phase I trial against certain head and neck cancers.

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Denver 7

American Cancer Society Says Younger People Are Being Diagnosed with Colon Cancer

news outletDenver 7
Publish DateMarch 16, 2023

Swati Patel, MD, MS, discusses younger people being diagnosed with colon cancer at nearly twice the rate than in 1995.

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Young People Are Getting Colorectal Cancer, Including This Married Couple

news outletCPR
Publish DateMarch 15, 2023

Doctors increasingly see people contracting colon cancer before the recommended screening age of 45.

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What Younger Adults Need to Know About Colorectal Cancer

news outletKKTV
Publish DateMarch 14, 2023

Colon cancer is one of the deadliest cancers -- but with early detection is also one of the most survivable. This is why regular screenings are so key.

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