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Sun protection strategies for COVID19 outdoor recreation

During COVID19, getting outside for socially distanced activities is one of the few forms of available recreation. But more people getting out also means more sun exposure, and so during Skin Cancer Awareness Month, University of Colorado Cancer Center reached out to one of our members, Neil Box, PhD, president of the Colorado Melanoma Foundation, to learn about the risks and how to stay safe.

Author Cancer Center | Publish Date May 11, 2020
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US News

Breast Cancer Treatment Effects on Sex Life a Hidden Burden

news outletUS News
Publish DateAugust 08, 2022

Women with breast cancer commonly see their sexual health decline, yet their doctors aren't telling them what to expect -- or what to do about it.

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Inside Colorado’s Battle Against Rare Diseases

news outlet5280
Publish DateAugust 04, 2022

Rare diseases, often called orphan diseases, are conditions that each affect fewer than 200,000 people in the United States. Living with one can be a nightmare. Symptoms can be life-altering and life-threatening.

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News Medical

Study: Many Breast Cancer Patients Report Changes that Affect Sexual Health During and Beyond Treatment

news outletNews Medical
Publish DateAugust 04, 2022

A new study released by the University of Colorado Cancer Center shows that more than 70 percent of breast cancer patients have reported changes that affect their sexual health during and beyond treatment.

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The Conversation

Many Medications Affect More Than One Target in the Body – Some Drug Designers Are Embracing the ‘Side Effects’ That Had Been Seen as a Drawback

news outletThe Conversation
Publish DateJuly 28, 2022

The concept of drugs having multiple functions may lead to unintended consequences. This is a common occurrence for cancer drugs in clinical trials.

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