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Colorectal Cancer

Community    Colorectal Cancer

Fighting Disparities in Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer

The recent decrease in the age recommendation for colorectal cancer screening came as no surprise to Chris Lieu, MD, associate director of clinical research at the CU Cancer Center. Like many cancer doctors around the country, Lieu has seen an alarming increase in recent years of cases of colorectal cancer in patients younger than 50.

Author Greg Glasgow | Publish Date June 14, 2021
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Press Coverage    Colorectal Cancer

Estimated 2,100 New Cases Of Colon Cancer Each Year Among Coloradans

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recently lowered its recommended age to begin screening for colon cancer from 50 to 45. It’s the third most common cancer in America, and in Colorado, there are an estimated 2,100 new cases each year.

Dr. Chris Lieu, the Associate Director of Clinical Research at the CU Cancer Center, explained the change stems from an increase in the number of colorectal cancer cases among younger people.

Author CBS4 Denver | Publish Date May 21, 2021
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Patient Care    Colorectal Cancer

Recommended Colorectal Cancer Screening Age Lowered to 45 for People at Average Risk

In a move that has the potential to save thousands of lives, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) this week lowered the recommended screening age for colorectal cancer from 50 to 45 for asymptomatic patients with no family history of colorectal cancer. Considered the leading source of medical guidance in the U.S., the USPSTF is an independent, volunteer organization made up of national experts in internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, OB/GYN, nursing, behavioral health, and more.

Author Greg Glasgow | Publish Date May 21, 2021
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Patient Care    Colorectal Cancer    Magazine

Helping Low-Income Patients Navigate the Cancer Screening Process

Pablo Garcia started to worry when he began experiencing unusual stomach symptoms. He worried even more when his doctor at the Salud Family Health Center in Longmont, Colorado, ordered a colonoscopy to check for signs of colon cancer. Pablo was unfamiliar with the procedure, the preparation, and the hospital where the test was to take place. 

Author Greg Glasgow | Publish Date April 14, 2021
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Patient Care    COVID-19    Colorectal Cancer

The Importance of Getting Your Cancer Screening and Treatment During a Pandemic

There’s never a good time for a cancer diagnosis, but it’s especially difficult in the middle of a pandemic, when concerns about safety compound the worry and anxiety that come along with hearing, “you have cancer.”

Author Cancer Center | Publish Date January 06, 2021
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CU Cancer Center In the News


Movie ‘distraction therapy’ improves children’s experience of radiation

news outletHealio
Publish DateJuly 15, 2021

In the 2016 animated film “Moana,” the title character bravely battled a volcanic demon and saved her people.

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La Voz

Skin Cancer Awareness

news outletLa Voz
Publish DateJuly 07, 2021

Now that summer has officially arrived, thoughts might be turning to a new seasonal look. But, before that, it might be wise to think about another look, one that results from spending too much time in the sun. Sunburn is not just an uncomfortable condition, it could be a precursor to skin cancer, the most common and potentially fatal cancer in the United States.

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MedPage Today

Hold Off on Approving Anal Cancer Drug, Advisors Tell FDA

news outletMedPage Today
Publish DateJune 24, 2021

FDA advisors told the agency to wait on more data before approving an investigational immunotherapy for squamous carcinoma of the anal canal (SCAC), largely due to questions over the drug's activity.

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The Denver Post

Radiation therapy as a pound of prevention? A ray of hope for pancreatic cancer patients, thanks to Wings of Hope

news outletThe Denver Post
Publish DateJune 20, 2021

Using radiation to kill malignant cells in the body is nothing new, but thanks in part to funding from Wings of Hope for Pancreatic Cancer Research, oncologists are continuing to explore newer applications for one of their more standard medical therapies.

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