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Pancreatic Cancer

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“You’ve Got to Believe that You’re Going to Get Through It”

“Maybe this getting older thing just sucks and that’s how it is.”

Author Rachel Sauer | Publish Date December 17, 2021
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Cancer Immunotherapy Research Receives Significant Support from R01 Grant

Some battles begin before a shot is even fired, with an army building bridges and grading roads, clearing and smoothing the path to make the invading force stronger and more effective.

Author Rachel Sauer | Publish Date December 14, 2021
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Two CU Cancer Center Members Recognized as World Experts in Pancreatic Neoplasms

Two University of Colorado Cancer Center physicians have been recognized as world experts in in pancreatic neoplasms by the 2021 Expertscape rankings.

Author Rachel Sauer | Publish Date November 19, 2021
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“Sex and the City” Actor’s Death Raises Awareness of Pancreatic Cancer

Actor Willie Garson was probably best known for his role as Stanford Blatch on “Sex and the City,” playing one of Carrie Bradshaw’s New York-savvy best friends.

Author Rachel Sauer | Publish Date September 27, 2021
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Robotic Whipple Procedure Offers Pancreatitis Patient Relief

After suffering from painful bouts of pancreatitis for more than a decade, Christina Gonzalez felt resigned to a seemingly endless cycle of procedures.

Author Valerie Gleaton | Publish Date August 31, 2021
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The Pancreatic Cancer Battle That Bonded a Patient and His Physician

Richard Schulick, MD, MBA, director of the University of Colorado Cancer Center, becomes close with all of his patients, but he has a special bond with Gerry Turner, one of Schulick’s surgical patients for pancreatic cancer.

Author Greg Glasgow | Publish Date August 18, 2021
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$500,000 Grant Supports Pancreatic Cancer Multidisciplinary Care

A multiyear grant totaling $500,000 is aimed at making the University of Colorado Cancer Center even better at providing multidisciplinary care for patients with pancreatic cancer.

Author Cancer Center | Publish Date March 17, 2021
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Alex Trebek’s Death Raising Awareness and Questions About Pancreatic Cancer

Longtime “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek announced it to the world on March 6, 2019: Like 50,000 other Americans each year, he had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Author Greg Glasgow | Publish Date November 11, 2020
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Simple blood test may help identify patients most likely to benefit from surgery for pancreatic cancer

In the 1860s, French physician Armand Trousseau noticed that patients with a certain form of abnormal blood clotting often went on to be diagnosed with pancreas or gastric cancers. Unfortunately, at age 66 he noticed these same symptoms in himself and died of gastric cancer only a few months later.

Author Cancer Center | Publish Date October 20, 2020
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Pancreatic Cancer

University of Colorado Cancer Center named National Pancreas Foundation Center of Excellence

The most important factor predicting the survival of pancreatic cancer patients is whether the cancer can be surgically removed (whether the cancer is “resectable”). The answer isn’t always clear. Some centers may consider a tumor too entangled with neighboring organs and blood vessels for surgery to be an option, leading to the use of surgery in only about 15 to 20 percent of pancreatic cancers, nationally. Due in part to advanced surgical techniques, more effective medicines, and a multidisciplinary approach to treating the disease, University of Colorado Cancer Center is able to operate on 30 percent or more of pancreatic cancer patients, nearly double the national average.

Author Cancer Center | Publish Date January 09, 2020
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Bitter Melon Juice Prevents Pancreatic Cancer in Mouse Models

A University of Colorado Cancer study published this week in the journal Carcinogenesis shows that bitter melon juice restricts the ability of pancreatic cancer cells to metabolize glucose, thus cutting the cells’ energy source and eventually killing them.

Author Garth Sundem | Publish Date March 12, 2013
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CU Cancer Center In the News

Radiology Business

AI Reads of Neck Ultrasounds Could Displace Thyroid Biopsies

news outletRadiology Business
Publish DateJune 15, 2022

After training a machine learning model to analyze ultrasound images of the neck, researchers tested their algorithm and have found it correctly flagged 97% of likely cancerous nodules of the thyroid gland.

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News Medical

Ultrasound-Based AI Classifier of Thyroid Nodules Can Help Rule Out Cancer, Avoid Unnecessary Biopsies

news outletNews Medical
Publish DateJune 14, 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to identify thyroid nodules seen on thyroid ultrasound that are very unlikely to be cancerous, reducing a large number of unnecessary biopsies.

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The Scientist

Genetic Mutations Can Be Benign or Cancerous—a New Method to Differentiate Between Them Could Lead to Better Treatments

news outletThe Scientist
Publish DateMay 31, 2022

A CU Cancer Center researcher recently published a study using DNA from thousands of healthy people to help identify disease-causing mutations by using the principle of natural selection.

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Dermatology Times

Sun Bus Helps Bust Melanoma Misconceptions, Provide Screenings

news outletDermatology Times
Publish DateMay 23, 2022

Run by the Colorado Melanoma Foundation, the Sun Bus has provided more than 3,500 free skin cancer screenings throughout the central and southwestern United States. Along the way, providers are learning about melanoma misconceptions.

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