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Public Health On Call

Public Health On Call: 621 - The Health Consequences of Displacing People Experiencing Homelessness

news outletPublic Health On Call
Publish DateJune 05, 2023

What happens when homeless encampments are swept away? Dr. Joshua Barocas, an infectious disease physician at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, talks with Dr. Josh Sharfstein about a new study that simulates the true cost of “move along” orders and encampment “clean ups"—including infectious disease outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths. They then discuss the short-term and long-term implications of these findings.

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Weather Network

What really happens inside you when you’re hit by lightning?

news outletWeather Network
Publish DateJune 01, 2023

I called up my friend and fellow storm chaser, Jason Persoff, the Assistant Director of Emergency Preparedness at the University of Colorado Hospital in Denver….“First up, you have to understand that there are two different types of lightning strikes when you’re talking about the human body: positive and negative,” he explained. “Positive strikes are far more powerful of the two, and generally, if you’re hit by one of those, there’s only one outcome: death. On the other hand, negative strikes are less powerful but [still move] an incredible amount of energy.”

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Yahoo News

Charles Barkley talks weight loss and managing Type 2 diabetes

news outletYahoo News
Publish DateMay 31, 2023

According to Cecilia Low Wang, a UCHealth expert on endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism, Mounjaro “suppresses appetite and makes you feel more full. It changes the rate at which your stomach empties.” Continued Low Wang, “It’s a completely new drug class. Instead of being a single-receptor agonist, Mounjaro activates two receptors at the same time. That’s why it’s called a ‘dual-agonist.’”

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Endurance, respiratory symptom burden improve 1 year after COVID-19 hospitalization

news outletHealio
Publish DateMay 31, 2023

“The findings support what we have seen regarding post-COVID recovery,” Sarah E. Jolley, assistant professor in the division of pulmonary sciences and critical care medicine at University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Center, told Healio. “Namely, patients recovering from COVID experience a variety of long-term impairments including decreases in physical function, increased pulmonary symptomatology and fatigue.”

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