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CU School of Medicine Match Day 2022

CU School of Medicine Match Day 2022

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What You Need To Know

These stories are part of the University of Colorado School of Medicine’s Match Day coverage.

Match Day, when medical students are matched with the residency program they will begin after graduation, is the culmination of four years of hard work and sacrifice.

It's a time-honored tradition that many medical students dream about. You receive a message, you open it, and suddenly it seems like everything in your life changes. For medical students who are about to graduate, Match Day is a career-defining moment.

Click on the stories below to learn more about our medical students and their journey to Match Day.

For more information and details on Match Day 2022, please click here.

Stephanie Nwagwu - 8-14-20

CU Medical Student Stephanie Nwagwu Pursues Her Passion for Public Health 

Even during her toughest days of medical school, when long nights of studying turned into long days on her feet in the hospital, one thing kept Stephanie Nwagwu going: her passion to care for underserved communities. 

It’s a passion that led to several twists and turns during her medical school career, including taking a year off to earn a master’s in public health (MPH) at Harvard University, and being promoted to national chairperson of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA), an organization she first joined as an undergraduate at Baylor University in Texas.


Troy Kincaid - 3-10-22

Lessons Learned on the Football Field Translate to Medical Studies and Residency

For anyone who’s never done two-a-days in the August heat or faced down an opposing defensive lineman, the parallels between a football field and a health care clinic might not seem immediately obvious

But for Troy Kincaid, a fourth-year student in the University of Colorado (CU) School of Medicine, those parallels are a significant part of what drew him to medicine: the symbiosis and teamwork, the planning and follow-through, the challenges that require stamina, persistence, and steady determination.