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CU Medical Student Honors ‘1999’ Skier Robb Gaffney on Skis and in Medicine

In 1995, Robb Gaffney left behind the life of a full-time dirtbag skier to attend the University of Colorado School of Medicine — or that’s how his brother Scott Gaffney puts it in “1999,” a ski film turned cult classic that Scott recorded on 16mm film as a tribute to one of the best winters in ski history. 

Author Kara Mason | Publish Date November 29, 2023
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Cancer Diagnosis During Medical School Offered Unique Insight into Patient Experience

Steve Haberkorn knows he’s not the first person to pursue a career in medicine out of a desire to help people. That’s why he did it, though – to help where he can and work to improve people’s lives.

Author Rachel Sauer | Publish Date May 15, 2023
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Brain-Protected TAVR Results in Fewer Real-World Disabling Strokes

news outletTCTMD
Publish DateJune 10, 2024

This reduction in disabling stroke in the real world was supported by a secondary analysis using propensity score weighting (OR 0.79, 95% CI 0.70-0.90), reported Neel Butala, of Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center and the University of Colorado School of Medicine, both in Aurora.

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Rural Patients With Melanoma Fare Worse Than Urban Dwellers

news outletMedscape
Publish DateJune 06, 2024

Lucinda Kohn, assistant professor of dermatology [at CU School of Medicine] in the Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health, who was asked to comment on the results, said the findings echo the results of a recent study which characterized melanoma rates among non-Hispanic American Indian/Alaska Native individuals from 1999 to 2019

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Denver Health turns to voters for help to pay for uncompensated care

news outlet9News
Publish DateJune 05, 2024

Denver Health, Colorado's safety net hospital, said it's facing a financial crisis. The hospital is required by law to treat anyone who comes into the hospital for treatment, regardless of their financial status or where they're from. 

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Denver Health has a funding crisis. Is a new sales tax the answer?

news outletDenverite
Publish DateJune 05, 2024

Denver Health came close to breaking even in 2023 after a few one-time grants came through. 

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