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CU Researcher Receives First-Time Award to Support Ophthalmic Database Development

Jennifer Patnaik, PhD, researcher at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, received the first-ever Philip and Elaine Ellis New Investigator in Ophthalmology Research Award. The gift provides independent research funding to new ophthalmic investigators.

Author Rachel Wittel | Publish Date November 23, 2021
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Greeley Tribune

As monkeypox outbreaks grow, vaccine supply lags behind

news outletGreeley Tribune
Publish DateAugust 04, 2022

“So you’re not going to catch it on a bus. You’re not going to catch it in
the grocery store,” said Michelle Barron, UCHealth’s senior medical
director of infection prevention an

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The Atlantic

The Coronavirus Has One Strategy We Can’t Vaccinate Against

news outletThe Atlantic
Publish DateAugust 04, 2022

By the time a cell senses that it’s been infected by a virus, it generally knows it is doomed. Soon, it will be busted up by the body’s immunological patrol or detonated by the invader itself. So the moribund cell plays its trump card: It bleats out microscopic shrieks that danger is nigh.

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Mother Jones

Why Do Orthopedic Surgeons Have Such High Breast Cancer Rates?

news outletMother Jones
Publish DateAugust 04, 2022

The first time Loretta Chou drilled a hole in a bone, as a medical student in the mid-80’s, she thought it was the most fun thing she had ever done.

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Atlanta Journal Constitution

Doctors push state to cover dialysis for undocumented immigrants

news outletAtlanta Journal Constitution
Publish DateAugust 03, 2022

When Lauren Kasper was starting her career as a nurse practitioner, one of her patients, a 30-year-old father who had come to the emergency room for dialysis, died “a slow, horrible death.”

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