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Skin Cancer

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Melanoma Care is a Priority for the CU School of Medicine and Cancer Center

If you live in or have visited Colorado, you most likely noticed that the state loves its outdoors. With 300 days of sunshine a year, many enjoy hiking, playing at a park or grabbing a craft brew on a patio. But with that love of sunshine comes an increased risk for skin cancer.

Author School of Medicine | Publish Date October 28, 2020
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Once-Blind Woman Gets Sight Back After 15 Years

news outletMSN
Publish DateSeptember 01, 2021

This woman went blind unexpectedly 15 years ago — watch the heartwarming moment she got her sight back. 

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Highlands Ranch Herald

RSV, child respiratory illness unseasonably high

news outletHighlands Ranch Herald
Publish DateSeptember 01, 2021
Dr. Eric Lung, chief medical officer at Sky Ridge Medical Center, says poor air quality and an increase in contagious respiratory cases are adding to parent stress as the new delta variant of COVID continues to spread.
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Denver hospital sees increase in trauma cases related to violent crime

news outlet9News
Publish DateSeptember 01, 2021

During the pandemic, Denver Health has seen an increase in the number of violent trauma patients coming into the emergency department. These cases include gunshot wounds and stabbings.

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Fox 31 | Channel 2

Colorado healthcare workers battle ‘compassion fatigue’ as COVID hospitalizations spike

news outletFox 31 | Channel 2
Publish DateAugust 31, 2021

It has been nearly 18 months since the first confirmed COVID-19 case in Colorado.

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