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Horse or Human? Course Gives Medical Residents View of Another Kind

As a cardiothoracic anesthesiology fellow, Rizwan Nazarali, MD, keeps people safely asleep through major, open-chest surgeries. He monitors cardiopulmonary bypass when surgery patients’ hearts or lungs are outside of their bodies, and he manages patients on ECMO, a machine that keeps them alive while they wait for heart or lung transplants.

Author Debra Melani | Publish Date October 02, 2023
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New Endowed Chair for Anesthesiology Bolsters Campus Innovation and Research

A recent gathering at the Anschutz Health Sciences Building celebrated the generosity of the University of Colorado Department of Anesthesiology and honored Susan Ingram, PhD, as the inaugural recipient of the Richard Traystman, PhD, Endowed Chair in Anesthesiology.

Author Guest Contributor | Publish Date April 24, 2023
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