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CU Anschutz Experts Call Attention to Unsupervised Youth Gun Access in Colorado

Public health experts at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus released a new research letter today in JAMA Pediatrics that examines how quickly Colorado’s children and teenagers can access a loaded gun and called attention to the critical importance of reducing access to guns when an adolescent is in crisis.

Author Julia Milzer | Publish Date March 27, 2023
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CU Anschutz Researchers and Partners Launch Firearm Injury Toolkit

A free Firearm Injury Toolkit was unveiled this week to help more states find voluntary firearm storage sites while setting up online support maps that can help save lives.

Author Laura Kelley | Publish Date October 11, 2022
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Dr. Betz: Care of Suicidal Patients Takes Humans, Not Just Doctors

In 2019, nearly 31,000 people have died due to gun violence. Suicide by firearm represents nearly two-thirds of those deaths. As an emergency physician at CU Anschutz, Emmy Betz, MD, sees multiple patients with suicidal thoughts on every ER shift. “It’s a huge part of my job,” Betz said. “Sometimes I have to stop being a doctor and just be a person, to let people know I’m glad they came in and that tomorrow will be better.”

Author Guest Contributor | Publish Date October 22, 2019
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