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New Study Paves Way to Better Understanding and Treating Long COVID

A new study published in today’s issue of PLOS Pathogens is the first to link SARS-CoV-2 specific T cells to lung function and those who suffer from long-term COVID symptoms. Long COVID currently affects hundreds of millions of Americans.

Author Laura Kelley | Publish Date June 09, 2022
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Study Shows Critical Protein May Play a Role in Origin of Mesothelioma

Researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and their international collaborators have discovered that a protein critical in the embryonic stages of life is reactivated in certain cases of mesothelioma, offering clues into the origin of this aggressive cancer.

Author Laura Kelley | Publish Date March 30, 2022
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Intense Light Protects Against Lung Damage

Intense light activates proteins shown to protect against lung damage in mice, a discovery that could have major therapeutic implications for treating acute lung injury in humans, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

Author David Kelly | Publish Date March 23, 2022
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