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Patient Care

Patient Care    COVID-19

CU Anschutz ICU Doctor Shines in Acting Debut on Golden Globe Awards

When Carey Mulligan complains to Fernando Holguin, MD, during a Zoom office visit about a persistent feeling of living in a time loop, the veteran doctor’s medical sleuthing skills kick in.

Author Debra Melani | Publish Date
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Research    Patient Care    COVID-19

Video: CU Anschutz Leaders Discuss Vaccine Progress, Distribution and Efficacy

As vaccine distribution is underway around the world, the virtual panel series, “A Conversation on COVID-19 with the CU Anschutz Medical Campus,” continued on Monday. Healthcare leaders discussed topics including vaccine progress, distribution and efficacy.

Author Courtney Keener | Publish Date
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Patient Care    Heart

What Do a Heart Disorder and an Octopus Trap Have in Common?

Name a heart disorder after an octopus trap, and you lure in cardiologists attracted by the “catchy” name. Also label it “broken heart” syndrome, and reporters swarm en masse every February, looking for an enticing story for Valentine’s Day or American Heart Month.

Author Debra Melani | Publish Date
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Patient Care    COVID-19    Vaccinations

Series Looks at the Vaccine Rollout Offering the World a Hint of Hope

At a time when life before COVID-19 seems like a dream, a vaccine rollout garnering the world’s attention offers a glimpse of hope for a return to pre-pandemic life. But, as with everything SARS-CoV-2-related, questions and uncertainties remain.

Author Debra Melani | Publish Date
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