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Recent Medical & Health Science News Stories | Skin Cancer

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Sun Safety Educators Ride the Tattoo Wave for Broader Reach

Targeting young people with sun-safety education promises the biggest chance of lowering deadly skin cancer rates. The DNA damage that gives rise to the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States accumulates, starting with a child’s first sunburn.

Author Debra Melani | Publish Date September 30, 2022
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Health Hat Trick? Hockey Fan’s Eye for Skin Cancer May Have Saved a Life

Hockey games announce goals with a hard-to-miss flashing red light. At a recent NHL game, a fan used the color for a more important purpose. She tapped on the plexiglass and showed an assistant equipment manager a message on her phone, including these red-lettered words: “cancerous,” “mole” and “doctor.”

Author Chris Casey | Publish Date January 10, 2022
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