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Most-Read CU Anschutz Newsroom Stories of 2019

A look back at the most popular stories from our newsroom

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Written by Chris Casey on January 3, 2020

From research breakthroughs to unrivaled patient care to student and faculty achievements, the CU Anschutz Medical Campus generates a lot of news every year. Here's a look back at the most-read stories posted in the CU Anschutz Newsroom in 2019. 


#10 - First-year MD/PhD student wins $250,000 award

Jacqueline Turner is already doing research that is extending patients' lives.

#9 - 'I sometimes can't believe I'm here'

Surgeons for the CU Anschutz medical team play key roles in one man's miraculous journey of the heart.


#8 - New disease discovered by CU Anschutz researchers

A new immunodeficiency disease caused by a novel genetic mutation has been identified by researchers providing unique insights into cell biology.

#7 - Helicopter crash victim reflects on life-saving medical care

Flight nurse suffered severe burns on over 90 percent on his body.


#6 - CU School of Medicine partners with CSU to open medical school branch

The aim of this initiative is to create a training program that builds on the strengths of both institutions.

#5 - Study: exercise is more critical than diet to maintain weight loss

Physical activity helps prevent weight regain when previously overweight.


#4 - Lung cancer puzzle leads to breakthrough discovery

Emily Daniels says CU Anschutz research 'saved my life,' and she becomes a cancer patient advocate.

#3 - Celebrated ancient Egyptian woman physician likely never existed, says researcher

Merit Ptah is often called the first woman doctor; CU Anschutz researcher calls it a case of mistaken identity.


#2 - Medical care at the final frontier

A collaborative class positions CU Anschutz and CU Boulder as leaders in training first responders for space.

#1 - Children with autism spectrum see benefits from equine therapy

A CU Anschutz study finds children were less irritable and had better social and communications skills.