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University of Colorado Announces the Formation of PreView Medical, Inc.

PreView focuses on the diagnosis and treatment optimization of prostate cancer

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The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, led by CU Innovations, has partnered with serial MedTech entrepreneurs Jonathan Gasson and Sharon Lake to form PreView Medical, Inc. PreView’s clinically proven technology focuses on the diagnosis and treatment optimization of prostate cancer.

The company’s ClariCore® System utilizes a patented optical biopsy needle combining both the optical spectra of tissue and machine learning to assess the prostate for cancer in real-time – ultimately minimizing the need for traditional core biopsies. Additionally, the company is developing an algorithm to create a high-definition 3D map of prostate tumors to enable accurate targeted focal therapy to treat cancer lesions. Focal therapy significantly reduces morbidity when compared with the current standards of care of either removing or irradiating the entire prostate.

Associate Vice-Chancellor, Biotechnology for CU Anschutz, Steve VanNurden, remarked, “We are encouraged by the positive clinical trial work already completed. A study of over 200 patients at eight sites validated high algorithm accuracy. Launching PreView is a testament to the hard work already completed.” The CU Anschutz Office of the Chancellor supported the launch of the company by providing $250,000 in seed funding.

The concept of combining optical spectroscopy with a biopsy needle for prostate cancer diagnosis was originally developed by Priya Werahera, Research Associate Professor; John Daily, Professor at CU Boulder; and E. David Crawford, Professor at CU Anschutz.  While located at the Fitzsimons Innovation Community, Amir Tehrani led the development efforts of the ClariCore® System. First-in-Man studies were performed by Dr. Crawford, and this was followed by an FDA approved clinical trial. Dr. Neal Shore at Carolina Urologic Research Center, an investigator in the FDA trial, commented, “PreView Medical’s disruptive technology could enhance cancer detection in a very efficient and office-based process.  The ClariCore® System will enable patient treatment in the ambulatory setting. The implications for improved tumor detection and avoidance of unnecessary biopsies will have attendant patient benefit and potential healthcare resource savings.”

The company plans to raise a series A financing round to further develop the technology and engage in FDA trials for device clearance.

ClariCore® is a trademark owned by the Regents of the University of Colorado, a body corporate, and is being used under license.

About CU Innovations

CU Innovations brings together industry partners, entrepreneurs, and investors to help CU Researchers create biomedical technology that improves the quality of life worldwide. With expertise in patents, copyrights, and licensing, CU Innovations translates discovery into impact through transparent, flexible, best practice intellectual property management services. Located on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, CU Innovations provides access to an extensive portfolio of biomedical technologies, clinical validation opportunities, and resources for startup development. 

For Questions related to Preview Medical, Inc: contact@previewmedical.com
For Questions related to CU Innovations: Rolfe Bautista, rolfe.bautista@cuanschutz.edu