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Department of Ophthalmology News and Stories


Research    Advancement    Glaucoma

CU Ophthalmology Researchers Create Company to Advance Glaucoma Treatment

Ram Nagaraj, PhD, professor in the University of Colorado Department of Ophthalmology, envisions a future where ophthalmologists can prevent vision loss associated with glaucoma, the second leading cause of blindness in the world.

Author Kara Mason | Publish Date June 07, 2023
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Patient Care    Advancement    Low Vision Rehabilitation

Removing Barriers from Low Vision Rehabilitation

Although vision impairments affect people of all ages and backgrounds, the cost of an initial low vision rehabilitation evaluation can prevent patients from getting the comprehensive care they need.

Author Rachel Wittel | Publish Date March 13, 2023
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Patient Care    Community    Advancement    Oculofacial Plastic & Orbital Surgery

Patient-Centered Care Inspires Award of Endowed Chair to Department of Ophthalmology Professor

Many patients have been touched by the compassionate care they receive at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Sometimes, the families of these patients honor that care posthumously. Sophie Liao, MD, associate professor of ophthalmology at CU School of Medicine, was named the inaugural Robert H. Bell Endowed Chair in Ophthalmology in gratitude for the care she delivered to one such patient in 2021.

Author Toni Lapp | Publish Date February 10, 2023
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Patient Care    Advancement    Autoimmune disease    Uveitis & Ocular Immunology

Sight-Saving Care Inspires Gift of Hope

Caleb Hebel was in his mid-30s, the prime of his life, with two active children and one on the way, when his mysterious ailment started. “I was go, go, go,” he recalls. “I played hockey, golf, and lifted weights. Our kids were involved in sports, so we were always going places.” On top of that, he was the chief financial officer of a real estate development company and principal of a family business.

Author Toni Lapp | Publish Date December 02, 2022
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Press Releases    Advancement    Neuro-Ophthalmology

CU School of Medicine Names Inaugural Endowed Chair in Department of Ophthalmology

Prem Subramanian, MD, PhD, professor and vice chair for academic affairs in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, has been named the inaugural Clifford R. and Janice N. Merrill Endowed Chair in Ophthalmology.

Author Toni Lapp | Publish Date September 23, 2022
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Research    Funding    Advancement

National Eye Institute Awards $5 Million for CU Anschutz-based Cochrane Eyes and Vision US Project

The National Eye Institute (NEI) has awarded a $5 million grant to Tianjing Li, PhD, associate professor of ophthalmology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, in a continuation of the NEI’s support of the Cochrane Eyes and Vision US Satellite (CEV US Satellite) at the Sue Anschutz-Rodgers Eye Center.

Author Toni Lapp | Publish Date September 06, 2022
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Research    Advancement    Pediatric Ophthalmology

Children's Hospital Colorado Names CU Ophthalmology Associate Professor as Endowed Chair for Pediatric Ophthalmology

Emily McCourt, MD, chief of pediatric ophthalmology at the Sue Anschutz-Rodgers Eye Center and Children’s Hospital Colorado, has been named the inaugural Ponzio Family Chair for Pediatric Ophthalmology at Children’s Colorado.

Author Toni Lapp | Publish Date August 10, 2022
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Patient Care    Advancement    Cataracts    Glaucoma

Artist Gives Back After Sight-Saving Surgery

Philip Tarlow’s inspiration to pursue art was sparked at an early age. He recalls a kindergarten teacher noticing his fascination with construction workers, which ultimately became the subject matter of his creations 30 years later. 

Author Rachel Wittel | Publish Date April 13, 2022
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See Us In the News

USA Today

Liver, yes. Corneas, no. FDA urged to relax tissue donation ban for gay and bisexual men

news outletUSA Today
Publish DateMay 29, 2024

Michael Puente Jr., MD, assistant professor of ophthalmology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, explains the patchwork of donor guidelines for gay men. “A gay man can donate their entire heart for transplant, but they cannot donate just the heart valve,” he says. “It’s essentially a categorical ban.”

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Gay and bisexual men can donate blood and organs but not tissue like corneas

news outletNPR
Publish DateMay 24, 2024

Michael Puente, MD, assistant professor of ophthalmology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, said the current patchwork of donor guidelines is nonsensical considering advancements in the ability to test potential donors for HIV.

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Ophthalmology Times

Mental health and ophthalmology

news outletOphthalmology Times
Publish DateMay 17, 2024

Department of Ophthalmology faculty members Prem Subramanian, MD, PhD, and Sophie Liao, MD, discuss the intersection of mental and ocular health. 

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Thyroid Eye Disease: Navigating Diagnosis and Treatment in the Real World Podcast Series

news outletHealio
Publish DateMay 10, 2024

Clinicians often lack an understanding of the pathogenesis of TED and its relationship with hyperthyroidism, leading to less desirable outcomes in patients, explains Department of Ophthalmology professor Prem Subramanian, MD, PhD. 

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