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CU Ophthalmology Celebrates 2023 Graduates

The University of Colorado Department of Ophthalmology is celebrating the graduation of six fellows and six residents, who have spent their time with the department focusing on patients, honing their skills, and serving on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Author Kara Mason | Publish Date June 19, 2023
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USA Today

Liver, yes. Corneas, no. FDA urged to relax tissue donation ban for gay and bisexual men

news outletUSA Today
Publish DateMay 29, 2024

Michael Puente Jr., MD, assistant professor of ophthalmology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, explains the patchwork of donor guidelines for gay men. “A gay man can donate their entire heart for transplant, but they cannot donate just the heart valve,” he says. “It’s essentially a categorical ban.”

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Gay and bisexual men can donate blood and organs but not tissue like corneas

news outletNPR
Publish DateMay 24, 2024

Michael Puente, MD, assistant professor of ophthalmology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, said the current patchwork of donor guidelines is nonsensical considering advancements in the ability to test potential donors for HIV.

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Ophthalmology Times

Mental health and ophthalmology

news outletOphthalmology Times
Publish DateMay 17, 2024

Department of Ophthalmology faculty members Prem Subramanian, MD, PhD, and Sophie Liao, MD, discuss the intersection of mental and ocular health. 

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Thyroid Eye Disease: Navigating Diagnosis and Treatment in the Real World Podcast Series

news outletHealio
Publish DateMay 10, 2024

Clinicians often lack an understanding of the pathogenesis of TED and its relationship with hyperthyroidism, leading to less desirable outcomes in patients, explains Department of Ophthalmology professor Prem Subramanian, MD, PhD. 

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