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Aerial view of CU Anschutz campus

Inspiring the Next Cancer Scientists

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Written by Taylor Abarca on February 27, 2019

Inspiring the next generation of cancer scientists is the idea behind the University of Colorado Cancer Center’s annual  “Learn About Cancer Day.”  One hundred twenty students from five high schools in the Denver metro area participated.

“It is a unique opportunity for students to come and see a day in the life of a cancer researcher,” says Jill Penafiel, education manager for the CU Cancer Center. “Learn About Cancer Day can also spark an interest in other health care related professions.” 

The day started out with an overview from John Tentler, PhD, associate director for education at CU Cancer Center. After, the students toured one of 12 different labs located in the research buildings on campus. Finally, they heard from Neil Box, PhD, assistant professor in the department of dermatology about the dangers of tanning and tanning beds; Sarah Milgrom, MD, talked about cancer and radiation therapy. The event ended with a panel of breast cancer survivors telling their stories.