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‘A Simple Idea That Could Make a Substantial Impact’: Can a String Replace Endoscopies for Esophageal Cancer, Other Disorders?

It looks pretty simple: A capsule the size of a jelly bean, attached to a string. And yet, it shows promise as an answer to a vexing question in the fight against esophageal cancer and other diseases of the upper digestive tract: How to spare patients from repeated endoscopies and biopsies.

Author Mark Harden | Publish Date April 26, 2024
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A Study Will Explore How a Brain Tumor Can Trigger Severe Child Obesity

A pilot grant funded in part by the University of Colorado Cancer Center will support a study that will look at factors contributing to extreme obesity in children with a type of benign brain tumor.

Author Mark Harden | Publish Date April 04, 2024
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Community    Pediatrics

Helping Children and Their Families Cope With a Cancer Diagnosis

The fear, anger, and anxiety that come with a cancer diagnosis are only magnified in children, who—along with their family members—often need help working through the emotions that surround cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.

Author Greg Glasgow | Publish Date September 01, 2023
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What to Know About Pediatric Brain Cancer 

May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month, which makes it a perfect time to turn the spotlight on pediatric brain cancer. Brain cancer is the second most common cancer in children, after leukemia, and brain tumors are the most common solid tumors in children and adolescents, with more than 4,000 new diagnoses each year, according to the American Cancer Society. 

Author Greg Glasgow | Publish Date May 08, 2023
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New Drug Combination Might Better Treat Often Fatal Childhood Brain Tumor

Researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus have discovered a drug combination that might offer a better prognosis for children diagnosed with MYC amplified Medulloblastoma, an often deadly form of brain cancer. The research was conducted in collaboration with the German Cancer Consortium (DKTK) University Hospital Dusseldorf.

Author Laura Kelley | Publish Date January 19, 2023
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CU Cancer Center In the News


The Role of mTOR/Aurora A Kinase Combination Therapy Requires Further Elucidation in Solid Tumors

news outletOncLive
Publish DateJuly 08, 2024

CU Cancer Center member S. Lindsey Davis, MD, highlighted that the combination therapy of sapanisertib and alisertib showed marginal clinical benefit for patients with advanced solid tumors, correlative analyses suggested that apoptotic response and tumor immune cell infiltrate might influence clinical outcomes. The phase 1b study's expansion cohort indicated some positive outlying responses among patients and underscore the need for further research to tailor treatments for standout patients and explore rational combinations to enhance efficacy.

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News Medical

Study shows effectiveness of treating pancreatic cancer patients with chemotherapy before surgery

news outletNews Medical
Publish DateJune 19, 2024

A new study led by University of Colorado Cancer Center member Marco Del Chiaro, MD, PhD, reveals that nearly 5% of pancreatic adenocarcinoma patients achieved a pathological complete response (pCR) after pre-surgical chemotherapy or chemoradiotherapy. This significant finding indicates that patients with pCR have a 63% five-year survival rate, compared to 30% for those without pCR, suggesting the potential for tailored treatments to improve outcomes.

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Cancer Network

Liso-cel May Show Benefit in Earlier Therapy Lines for Lymphoma Subgroups

news outletCancer Network
Publish DateJune 14, 2024

In a conversation at the 2024 European Hematology Association Congress, CU Cancer Center member Manali Kamdar, MD, discussed potential future research on lisocabtagene maraleucel (liso-cel; Breyanzi) for mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) and other lymphoma subgroups. She highlighted findings from the phase 1 TRANSCEND NHL 001 trial, noting improved efficacy and safety in patients with fewer prior therapies and non-refractory disease, suggesting liso-cel's utility in earlier treatment lines and specific lymphoma subgroups.

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Cancer Health

2024 Cancer Health 25: People Who Power Clinical Trials

news outletCancer Health
Publish DateJune 11, 2024

This year's Cancer Health 25 highlights the transformative power and promise of clinical trials. University of Colorado Cancer Center member Jessica McDermott, MD, MSCS, is leading clinical trials at both the CU Cancer Center and the Rocky Mountain Regional Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Additionally, she serves as the CU Cancer Center's deputy associate director for diversity and inclusion in clinical research.

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