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CU Cancer Center News and Stories

Thyroid Cancer

Research    Thyroid Cancer

The Role of Fibronectin in BRAF-mutant Thyroid Cancer Treatment 

New research overseen by University of Colorado Cancer Center member Rebecca Schweppe, PhD, could lead to improved treatment for people with thyroid cancer characterized by a mutation in the BRAF gene — a mutation also responsible for some types of melanoma, colorectal cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, and ovarian cancer.  

Author Greg Glasgow | Publish Date January 08, 2024
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Patient Care    Thyroid Cancer

Neck Dissection Surgery at the CU Cancer Center Helped Ensure that TV Newsman Danny New Remains Cancer-Free 

“I got lucky that I suck at golf. I threw my back out playing a sport that people usually enjoy in khakis.” 

Author Greg Glasgow | Publish Date September 17, 2023
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Thyroid Cancer    Awards

Bryan Haugen, MD, Receives Outstanding Scholarly Physician Award from the Endocrine Society

University of Colorado Cancer Center member Bryan Haugen, MD, always knew he was a science person. His question was if he wanted to be a MD or a PhD. After completing his bachelor’s degree at Saint Olaf College in Minnesota, he did a few years of research at the Mayo Clinic before starting medical school there.

Author Jessica Cordova | Publish Date October 27, 2022
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Research    Thyroid Cancer   

AI Can Recognize Thyroid Nodules That Are Very Unlikely To Be Cancerous 

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to reduce the number of biopsies of benign thyroid nodules, according to new research from University of Colorado Cancer Center member Nikita Pozdeyev, MD. 

Author Greg Glasgow | Publish Date July 08, 2022
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Research    Thyroid Cancer    Clinical Research    Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial Experience Motivates Participant to Become Advocate

Tommy Stewart was already a prostate cancer survivor when, during his annual physical in 2004, his physician felt a nodule on his neck.

Author Rachel Sauer | Publish Date October 04, 2021
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CU Cancer Center In the News


Leveraging RPM to Enable At-Home Care for High-Risk Cancer Patients

news outletMHealthIntelligence
Publish DateFebruary 05, 2024

Glen Peterson, DNP, ACNP, RN, from CU Cancer Center, discusses RPM & telehealth benefits for cancer patients on Healthcare Strategies podcast.

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Sunday is World Cancer Day

news outlet9News
Publish DateFebruary 04, 2024

CU Anschutz oncologist and CU Cancer Center member Dr. Wells Messersmith shares insights: Colorado braces for over 29,000 cancer cases in the coming year.

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Cure Today

An Oncologist Explains How She Uses ctDNA in Gastric Cancer

news outletCure Today
Publish DateJanuary 24, 2024

CU Cancer Center member Sunnie Kim, MD, discussed how she uses ctDNA in treating patients with gastric or esophageal cancer.

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DocWire News

Toxicities and Duration of Treatment for Immunotherapy in Advanced Metastatic Hepatocellular Carcinoma

news outletDocWire News
Publish DateJanuary 23, 2024

CU Cancer Center member Christopher Lieu, MD, and Namrata Vijayvergia, MD, of the Fox Chase Cancer Center conclude their discussion with considerations for managing immunotherapy-related toxicities in patients with metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), along with a review of the available evidence regarding the duration of immunotherapy treatment.

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