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Mark Couch

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Improving Trauma Care in South Africa

A research-based training program for South African paramedics led by the University of Colorado School of Medicine is improving South African trauma care while also identifying innovations that U.S. military combat medics could use to treat battlefield wounds.

Author Mark Couch | Publish Date October 12, 2021
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Scholar’s New Book Amplifies Children’s Voices

When children’s rights expert Warren Binford, JD, EdM, reported in 2019 that children in migration were held by the U.S. government in squalid conditions at the southern border, her description – based on interviews with the children and site inspections of the facilities – was denounced by White House officials and its allies as untrue.

Author Mark Couch | Publish Date April 27, 2021
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Center for Public Integrity

Some States Are Choosing Who Gets COVID Care

news outletCenter for Public Integrity
Publish DateOctober 07, 2021

More than 18 months into the COVID-19 pandemic, some states are once again facing shortages of medical resources needed to care for sick patients — leaving some to enter crisis mode or consider rationing vital resources, such as intensive care unit beds.

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Psychiatric Times

Psychiatry in the Year 2500: Lessons Learned From History

news outletPsychiatric Times
Publish DateOctober 06, 2021

For the past decade, I have taught 6-hour annual seminars on the history of psychiatry to psychiatric residents. This course was assigned to me, in part, because I have lived through the history of psychiatry for more than 50 years.

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The pandemic has more people turning to a “therapist in your pocket”

news outletMarketPlace
Publish DateOctober 06, 2021

The grief and stress of the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a spike in demand for mental health care. But amid a nationwide shortage of providers, more people are turning to remote — or virtual — care. 

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Sun Herald

Guntupalli helping patients live full, active lives

news outletSun Herald
Publish DateOctober 05, 2021

Helping his patients live full, active lives is what gynecologic oncologist Dr. Saketh Guntupalli is striving to do every day.

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