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Treating Metastatic Uveal Melanoma

Brigette Douglass lives by the 10% rule: To avoid losing sight of the big picture of her life, she never lets anything consume more than 10% of her focus.

This approach has allowed a full embrace of family, career, and world travel adventures while also becoming one of the longest-participating patients in a clinical trial for metastatic uveal melanoma.

Author Rachel Wittel | Publish Date April 27, 2022
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Learning from RNA's Mistakes Along the Way

Sujatha Jagannathan, PhD, chases RNA for a living and the pursuit often takes her in directions she didn’t expect to go.

Author Mark Couch | Publish Date April 21, 2022
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Reading a Book That Never Ends

Olivia Rissland, DPhil, compares RNA to photocopies of pages of books at a library.

Author Mark Couch | Publish Date April 18, 2022
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RNA Bioscience Initiative Transforms Campus

Six years ago, the University of Colorado School of Medicine made a major investment in an RNA research program that has resulted in a growing community of scientists working together to investigate the ways RNA is entangled with human health.

Author Mark Couch | Publish Date April 14, 2022
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Researchers Discover Mesolithic-Period Infant Burial That Could Be One of Oldest of Its Kind

The remains of an infant that researchers came to call Neve emerged slowly from 10,000 years of sediment. Near the back of Arma Veirana cave above the village of Erli in northwest Italy, delicate brush strokes first revealed perforated shell beads and pendants and then, on the last day of the 2017 excavation season, fragments of a tiny human cranium.

Author Rachel Sauer | Publish Date January 19, 2022
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How the Pandemic Changed Children’s Relationships With Social Media

Responding to concerns over increased screen time for teenagers during the pandemic and the potential negative effects of social media use, CU School of Medicine psychology faculty members Jenna Glover, PhD, Sandra Fritsch, MD, and Merlin Ariefdjohan, PhD, reviewed recent studies on children and digital technology, synthesizing their findings in a paper published this month in the journal Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America.

Author Greg Glasgow | Publish Date January 17, 2022
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CU School of Medicine Faculty Member is Headed to the 2022 Paralympics

Pam Wilson, MD, was your typical recreational athlete before the 1978 car accident that left her partially paralyzed and using a wheelchair for mobility, but after the accident, sports became a vital part of her recovery — a way to strive, compete, improve, and measure her progress as she went through physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Author Greg Glasgow | Publish Date December 13, 2021
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On the Job Training

When Jay Lemery, MD, an associate professor of emergency medicine, launched the Climate & Health Science Policy Fellowship in 2017, he started with a recently graduated emergency medicine fellow working in the CU Department of Emergency Medicine.

Author Valerie Gleaton | Publish Date November 04, 2021
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Challenging Outdated FDA Policy

The death of a 16-year-old boy who was bullied for being gay inspired Michael A. Puente, MD, assistant professor of ophthalmology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, to campaign to change a 27-year-old federal regulation restricting the ability of gay and bisexual men to donate their corneas in the United States.

Author Chanthy Na | Publish Date October 21, 2021
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Addressing COVID-19 Disparities

From the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, communities of color have been hit hardest by the worst public health crisis in the past 100 years.  

Author Valerie Gleaton | Publish Date October 14, 2021
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Improving Trauma Care in South Africa

A research-based training program for South African paramedics led by the University of Colorado School of Medicine is improving South African trauma care while also identifying innovations that U.S. military combat medics could use to treat battlefield wounds.

Author Mark Couch | Publish Date October 12, 2021
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School of Medicine In the News

The Denver Post

Teens reported more depression last year

news outletThe Denver Post
Publish DateJuly 02, 2022

Jessica Hawks, clinical child and adolescent psychologist and clinical
director of the Pediatric Mental Health Institute at Children’s Hospital
Colorado [and assistant professor of psychiatry at CU School of
Medicine], said the data doesn’t fully represent youth mental health in
the state, though.

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American Journal of Managed Care

Dr Viral Shah on Uncovering Findings About T1D, Bone Fracture Risk, and Osteoporosis

news outletAmerican Journal of Managed Care
Publish DateJune 30, 2022

There are gender differences in bone fracture risk, osteoposoris, and type 1 diabetes that are still being explored, according to Viral Shah, MD, an endocrinologist and associate professor of medicine and pediatrics at the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes, Adult Clinic School of Medicine at the University of Colorado Anschutz campus.

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Lattes and gummies: Food science inspires a new approach to treating gut and liver injury

news outletSTAT
Publish DateJune 29, 2022

IInspired by how coffee shops foam milk, as well as gummy candy and sizzling Pop Rocks, researchers have designed three gas-trapping materials to deliver a low dose of carbon monoxide into the body to potentially treat gastrointestinal disorders.

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CBS4 Denver

CU Anschutz researchers identify drugs that curb Alzheimer's symptoms

news outletCBS4 Denver
Publish DateJune 29, 2022

New research at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus finds two FDA-approved drugs improve cognition in patients with Alzheimer's disease. 

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