Student drinks energy drink while studying with laptop

Fad or Fact? Series Puts Health Trends Under a Scientific Lens

CU Anschutz experts dissect claims in pursuit of research-based evidence

Written by Staff on October 31, 2022
What You Need To Know

A breakdown of energy drink claims launches a series examining health trends.

Driven by ever-powerful social media platforms, health claims and trends are proliferating at lightning speed, inundating information-seekers. In this CU Anschutz newsroom series, medical experts leverage their knowledge to offer advice on the credibility and safety of social-media trends and advertising claims circulating today.

The series:

Energy Drink or Coffee? This Nutritional Scientist Would Choose the Java




Does TikTok-Fueled Vagus Nerve Icing Offer Calming Relief?




Charcoal Toothpaste: Messy Mouthful or Whitening Wonder?



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