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Research    COMBAT   

Military Trauma Medicine Coming to a Clinic Near You?

A vast majority (95%) of Department of Defense (DoD) health research ends up in civilian hospitals, and the University of Colorado Anschutz Center for Combat Medicine and Battlefield (COMBAT) Research works toward that number to save and improve lives on the battlefield and at home.

That was the central message of a discussion led by Vik Bebarta, MD, founder and director of COMBAT, professor ofEmergency Medicine andToxicology at theCU School of Medicine, during the 2023 Science Writers conference on Oct. 8 at CU Anschutz.  

Author Matthew Hastings | Publish Date October 12, 2023
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Women's Health    COMBAT   

Military Standout Brings Strength to Women in Medicine

She was only 22 when Kathleen Flarity began attracting attention. As one of nine women in a U.S. Army airborne class of 500 men, Flarity and her fellow female service members were being pushed hard in an environment not yet welcoming of their gender.

Author Debra Melani | Publish Date September 25, 2023
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Community    Mental Health    COMBAT   

Fireworks and PTSD: Keeping the Warzone Out of the Fourth

For one of Ian Stanley’s former patients, an unexpected firework blast sent him hurling across the room, pouncing on his children and shielding their bodies from the fallout of the “bomb attack” that left him trembling in fear.

Author Debra Melani | Publish Date June 20, 2023
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Research    Patient Care    Mental Health    COMBAT   

Post-Traumatic Growth: How to Flourish After a PTSD Diagnosis

No caring person would wish post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – or the likely terrifying event that led to it – on anyone. But for those people who develop the mental health condition and find treatment, the skills and lessons they learn can improve their lives in unexpected ways.

Author Laura Kelley | Publish Date June 09, 2023
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Research    Patient Care    Community    CU Anschutz 360 Podcast    COMBAT   

Podcast: COMBAT Strives to Solve Military’s Toughest Clinical Challenges

Today’s world is riven by Russia’s war in Ukraine, dangers from biological and chemical weapons, increasing rates of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, and growing challenges for first responders and medics dealing with high-stress situations.

Author Chris Casey | Publish Date February 14, 2023
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Firearm Injury Prevention    COMBAT

CU Anschutz Researchers and Partners Launch Firearm Injury Toolkit

A free Firearm Injury Toolkit was unveiled this week to help more states find voluntary firearm storage sites while setting up online support maps that can help save lives.

Author Laura Kelley | Publish Date October 11, 2022
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Research    Innovation    Education    COMBAT

CU Signs Educational Partnership Agreement With the Defense Health Agency

The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and the Defense Health Agency (DHA) signed an official Educational Partnership Agreement on May 18. The agreement will facilitate collaborations between military personnel and CU, including joint research, internships and ongoing relationships with DHA experts.

Author Laura Veith | Publish Date May 20, 2022
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Community    Faculty    Diversity    COMBAT

Military Leader, Classroom Innovator Model Gender Equity in Medicine and Beyond

Celebrating exceptional women on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus? No problem.

Author Kiley Carroll | Publish Date August 31, 2021
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Patient Care    COVID-19    COMBAT

Pandemic Care Mirrors Military Medicine in Stressful Ways

Providers don protective gear before entering procedure rooms where the enemy lurks. They spend their days under rapid fire, battling to save patients’ lives while protecting their own. The ever-present enemy rules their workdays and even follows them home.

Author Debra Melani | Publish Date December 03, 2020
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