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Reaching for the ‘Rocks’: Musician, Student Finds All He Needs at CU Anschutz

  • What you need to know: When he’s not slinging on a guitar strap or a stethoscope, Matt Golub grabs his tennis racquet. The CU medical student has many passions, but if he had to choose just one, it would be shredding his guitar under the lights.

For Matt Golub, the video game Guitar Hero was a way of life in middle school. Far from a frivolous obsession, the endless hours he spent shredding virtual guitar set the course for his artistic passion. He’s become a full-fledged musician – guitarist, singer and songwriter – one who’s already taken the stage at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Author Chris Casey | Publish Date September 28, 2020
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Making Science ‘Cool and Fun’

  • What You Need to Know: Think Like a Scientist is a nonprofit mentoring program staffed by CU Anschutz graduate-student volunteers and serving elementary students in Aurora. The program, launched by an immunology faculty member, shows children from diverse backgrounds that science is fun and that anyone can become a scientist. NOTE: All photos in this story were taken last year or earlier. 

Francesca Manzella, MA, recalls the profound letdown. A high school guidance counselor said her dream of becoming a scientist was beyond her reach. “She discouraged the idea, saying I would be in school too long.”

Author Chris Casey | Publish Date August 31, 2020
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Global Pandemic: Putting Our Medical Campus’s Talents to Task

Editor’s note: “Our COVID-19 Fighters” is an occasional series highlighting the ways the CU Anschutz Medical Campus community is helping patients and the wider community in the fight against the pandemic. We welcome your story ideas; please share them here.

Author Chris Casey | Publish Date August 25, 2020
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Milestone: Final Beams Go Atop Anschutz Health Sciences Building

Campus and The Anschutz Foundation leaders on Aug. 20 signed the final beams that topped off the seven-story Anschutz Health Sciences Building. In a message of thanks to the project workers, CU Anschutz Chancellor Don Elliman said, “This building is going to be the manifestation of the vision that we have for the future of this campus.”

Author Staff | Publish Date August 21, 2020
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