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3 Tips on Building a Successful Research Career

Whether it’s inspiring health care policy changes or increasing the accessibility of medical devices, faculty members at the University of Colorado School of Medicine have proven the ability of research to enact positive — and even life-saving — change.

Author Tayler Shaw | Publish Date April 22, 2024
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You’re Probably Not Allergic to Penicillin — Even If You Think You Are

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who have a penicillin allergy listed on your medical record, research suggests it’s highly likely that this label is inaccurate.

Author Tayler Shaw | Publish Date April 17, 2024
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Want to Lose Weight? An Eyeglass Device Can Help Track Your Calories

Tracking how many calories you consume throughout the day to help you lose weight can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but what if you had a device that did it for you?

Author Tayler Shaw | Publish Date April 04, 2024
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The Truth About Sugar

Bonnie Jortberg, PhD, RD, CDCES was recently showcased as a featured expert in the CU article “The Truth About Sugar: It’s Not So Simple.” Read more in her report out on sugar and processed foods.  

Author Robert Thompson | Publish Date March 13, 2024
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How Colorado law shapes advanced care planning; Former Broncos players help children cope with grief

news outletCPR
Publish DateMay 14, 2024

Did you know that If you're critically ill and can't make decisions for yourself, your family can't automatically step into help?

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Behavioral tactics for CLABSI prevention should be emphasized, survey shows

news outletHealio
Publish DateMay 10, 2024

A nationally representative survey showed high use of evidence-based technical interventions to prevent central line-associated bloodstream infections in recent years; however, gaps remain in use of behavioral interventions.

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News Medical

Study sheds light on challenges faced by caregivers of children with genetic conditions

news outletNews Medical
Publish DateMay 10, 2024

When it comes to improving the lives of children with genetic conditions, medical research often focuses solely on the children.

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Colorado’s legal drug conundrum

news outletPBS
Publish DateMay 09, 2024

The scene felt like something from a movie. Thick, skunky clouds of marijuana rose over Civic Center Park as thousands celebrated during Denver’s legal 4/20 celebration. 

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