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Internal Medicine

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Research Finds Novel Block Training Schedule May Reduce Resident Burnout

For years, leaders of the University of Colorado Internal Medicine Residency Program in the Department of Medicine have been brainstorming ways to improve how they train the next generation of doctors.   

Author Tayler Shaw | Publish Date April 18, 2024
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‘We’re the Telescope Looking Forward’: Medical Ethicists Ask Tough Questions as Part of $66 Million Research Project

In the original “Jurassic Park” movie, after the process of bringing dinosaurs back to life is explained to a team of consultants, one of them voices a warning: “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

University of Colorado Department of Medicine faculty members will be asking the “should” question years before there’s an answer to “could.”

Author Mark Harden | Publish Date April 05, 2024
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‘She Cares’: A CU Department of Medicine Doctor Celebrates a Patient’s 100th Birthday

It’s common for doctors to develop close connections with longtime patients – connections built on trust, caring, and common humanity. It’s not common for a patient to invite his doctors to his birthday party. And it’s even less common when it’s the patient’s 100th birthday party.

Author Mark Harden | Publish Date February 15, 2024
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Early Win for Preemptive Stents on Vulnerable Coronary Plaque

news outlet9News
Publish DateApril 08, 2024

The concept of using stents to seal off non-flow-limiting vulnerable plaques, before they have a chance to rupture, worked out in the first major trial testing this provocative idea.

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‘It’s definitely something that’s on our radar’: Colorado doctors warning of rise in measles cases nationwide, as flu season ends

news outletKKTV
Publish DateApril 02, 2024

As the flu season ends, Colorado doctors are keeping an eye on the rise of measles cases nationwide.

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Precision Medicine

University of Colorado Anschutz Prepping for Three Cardiomyopathy Gene Therapy Trials This Year

news outletPrecision Medicine
Publish DateApril 02, 2024

The University of Colorado is preparing to begin testing gene therapies for ...

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Study: Red flag petitions to take guns less likely to be approved in 2nd Amendment 'sanctuary' counties

news outlet9News
Publish DateApril 01, 2024

During the first three years Colorado’s “red flag” law was in effect, judges approved more than two-thirds of the petitions seeking the removal of guns from people believed to be dangerous, according to a study released Monday.

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