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CU Anschutz In The News


Can targeting immune cells offer new way to combat hypertension?

news outletScience
Publish DateFebruary 28, 2018

Isoketals adhere to and damage proteins, and Harrison's group found that the resulting injured proteins stimulate immune cells known as dendritic cells, which in turn activate T cells. It's "a pretty good case," says nephrologist Richard Johnson of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora.

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Denver Business Journal

Fewer Colorado hospitals make Healthgrades’ 2018 ‘best hospitals’ list

news outletDenver Business Journal
Publish DateFebruary 27, 2018

In Colorado, Lutheran Medical Center in Wheat Ridge and St. Joseph Hospital in Denver were named to the 2018 America's Best 50 hospitals list. Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette, Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, and University of Colorado Hospital - Anschutz Inpatient Pavilion in Aurora were named to the America's Best 100 hospitals list.

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Denver 7

The latest news in Alzheimer’s disease research

news outletDenver 7
Publish DateFebruary 22, 2018

Dr. Huntington Potter, Professor of Neurology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine says that scientists all over the world are trying to understand the mechanism of Alzheimer’s and to use that information to develop new drugs.

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Chicago Tribune

Rotating night shifts may be a path to diabetes, study suggests

news outletChicago Tribune
Publish DateFebruary 22, 2018

"Shift work, particularly night shifts, disrupts social and biological rhythms, as well as sleep, and has been suggested to increase the risk of metabolic disorders, including Type 2 diabetes," said study co-first author Celine Vetter. She directs the University of Colorado's Circadian and Sleep Epidemiology Laboratory.

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Colorado Parent

How to Dress Baby for Colorado Cold

news outletColorado Parent
Publish DateFebruary 19, 2018

Young babies and infants are more susceptible to changes in body temperature than children and teenagers, says James Feinstein, a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital Colorado and assistant professor of pediatrics at University of Colorado School of Medicine. Not only can they get too cold, they can also get too warm quickly. Multiple layers allow parents to easily add or remove clothes to fit the situation.

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Denver 7

CU Anschutz seeks volunteers to test new gastric balloon for weight loss

news outletDenver 7
Publish DateFebruary 18, 2018

They're testing the world's first biodegradable balloon you can swallow to lose weight. It's a less invasive alternative to gastric bypass surgery. Associate professor of gastroenterology at the CU School of Medicine Dr. Shelby Sullivan is leading the trial in Colorado.

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Business Insider

Eye and balance exercises may ease multiple sclerosis symptom

news outletBusiness Insider
Publish DateFebruary 15, 2018

"It is possible that disability due to MS can be improved or the accumulation of disability lessened by participation in exercise such as (this) program; however, additional research in this area is needed," said lead study author Jeffrey Hebert of the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver. "The . . . program is most generalizable to ambulatory patients with MS who have some limitations related to balance and fatigue," Hebert said by email.

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