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Seasoned CU Pharmacy Alumna Goes Beyond Dispensing Medications, Making a Meaningful Impact on Patients

For 10 years in her role at a specialized pharmacy focusing on Oncology, Dr. Kris O’Malley, PharmD ’14, has actively engaged in assisting patients with the management of oral medications.  The scope of her work emphasizes the profound influence pharmacists can have on patients' lives, reinforcing the belief that impactful pathways exist when healthcare professionals invest time and effort in compassionate care.

Author Jaron Bryant | Publish Date March 04, 2024
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From Active Duty to Resident Pharmacist

Arjay Mendoza graduated from CU Pharmacy's award-winning International-Trained PharmD program in 2022 and went on to pursue a residency with the United States VA and teach classes at his alma mater, The University of Manila in the Philippines. He made time to chat with the Orange County Pharmacists Association (OCPhA) podcast about his  remarkable career journey.

Author SOP Communications | Publish Date January 04, 2024
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Mentoring and Work-Life Balance Factor into 2014 Alumna's Success

Over the course of a decade, Christine MacBrayne, PharmD '14, has found a fulfilling and enriching life experience in balancing her career and family. Dr. MacBrayne reflects on her student days and the valuable lessons she learned that have contributed to her growth as a thriving pharmacist, both personally and professionally.

Author Jaron Bryant | Publish Date December 21, 2023
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CU Pharmacy 2018 Alumnus Credits Mentors in Shaping His Career Path in Pharmacy

When entering the lobby of the CU Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2018 alumnus Lee Amaya can be found immortalized in rap video he created while a student in the PharmD program, representing the diverse talent among the CU Pharmacy Alumni. Now just a few years later, Dr. Amaya recalls his student experience and those moments that impacted his learning and contributed to his success as a pharmacist today working in the specialty area of Infectious Diseases.

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month from Sept. 15 through Oct. 15th, we celebrate Dr. Amaya and other CU Pharmacy alumni of Latina/Latino descent for their significant contributions in the field of Pharmacy and to the community.

Author Jaron Bryant | Publish Date September 01, 2023
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CU Pharmacy Alumna Finds Success in Stepping Outside Her Comfort Zone

In celebration of Arab-American Heritage Month this April, we feature 2016 CU Pharmacy alumna Lana Al-Omar as the Alumni Spotlight. Lana reflects on her time as a student on campus, catching us up to date on where she is today, along with sharing pearls of wisdom to guide future pharmacists.

Author Jaron Bryant | Publish Date April 03, 2023
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Wrestling with Fame

Jeff Gold, PharmD, has a name fit for the bright lights, whether it’s the lights of a film crew, or the lights of a professional wrestling match. Those film lights found him for the Netflix documentary, “Take Your Pills: Xanax”, as he is a leading psychiatric pharmacist at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Aurora, Colorado and a specialist on medications like Xanax and other benzodiazepines.

Author Brad Bobel | Publish Date February 06, 2023
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Orth Helps Develop Pharmacy Protocols for Pediatric Initiative

Any medical professional will tell you that kids need special attention. So, when assistant professor Lucas Orth, PharmD, had the opportunity to work with the Colorado Pediatric Preparedness for the Emergency Room (COPPER) program, he knew it was worth his time.  

Author Jordan Kellerman | Publish Date January 25, 2022
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Alum Puts a Fresh Spin on Patient Education

Pharmacists are known for being medication experts who take their role of patient education seriously. 2012 PharmD alum James Delk has created a way to make that serious message, well, fresh.

Author Lori Westermann | Publish Date February 10, 2021
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Alumnus prescribes two doses: medication and music

Dr. Corey Craig doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to balancing his pharmacy career with his love of music. During a recent interview, Corey shared his thoughts on pursuing a career in pharmacy and provided insight on managing the time as a nuclear pharmacist and a professional DJ.

Author Jaron Bryant | Publish Date January 28, 2021
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School of Pharmacy In the News

The Colorado Sun

For Some People, Their Genes and Their Cancer Drugs Don't Mix. A Colorado Center is Trying to Fix That

news outletThe Colorado Sun
Publish DateMarch 18, 2024

“Everybody always says, ‘This is so cool, it’s the future of medicine,’” said Dr. Christina Aquilante, the director of pharmacogenomics at the Center for Personalized Medicine. “It’s not the future. It’s the now. It’s happening.”

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NBC News

Study Links Cannabis Use to Heart Problems

news outletNBC News
Publish DateMarch 18, 2024

Dr. Robert Page, PharmD, appears on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt to discuss cannabis use and heart problems.

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4 Common Pain Relievers and When to Use Them

news outletAARP
Publish DateFebruary 22, 2024

What’s the best over-the-counter pain medication? It depends on what hurts — and why. “If you can target the pain with a medication that treats the underlying cause, the pain relief will be better,” says Sunny Linnebur, PharmD.

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Medical Cannabis for Chronic Pain Tied to Arrhythmia Risk

news outletMedscape
Publish DateFebruary 13, 2024

Adults using medical cannabis for chronic pain, especially those with cancer or cardiometabolic disease, have a slightly elevated risk of developing arrhythmia, according to an editorial by Robert Page, PharmD

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